Essential attributes of Video Game Tester: Keen Observation &Good Communication

How to become a videogame tester ?

Those who want to become video game testers should exhibit infinite patience and should have a keen eye. Video testers should be good in communication and should have a sound knowledge of both the hardware and the software. Apart from this, they should also have a good hand to eye co-ordination for better navigation which helps a lot when the complexity of the video game increases. Also, if you are good at playing video games you can be a good video tester. Let us have a quick look as to how you can become one.


If you think that you are good at communicating, have good observation power and have the requisite persistence then you can become a video game tester. To become a tester, you need to look for the jobs open in this field and have to apply. Also, you need to be good in playing video games. There are plenty of video gamer jobs that are available on the internet so browse through the net and get hold of the jobs.


There is a wide range of assignments in game testing. People who are analytical can take up the profile of checking the maps. If you love playing the video games then you can be a good video game player. If you think you have all the requisite skills then you should start making contacts with the developer of the games. It is hard to find testing jobs in the classifieds. So, if you are looking for a job of video tester then you should reach out to the developer of the games and explain the gaming experience that you have.


Also, when you make your resume to apply then you should take care of the things like the number of consoles you own, the number of games that you can play, what types of video games can you play and the duration for which you have to play. Also, talk about the idea of how you can improve the quality of video games. You can start by opening with the discussion of the role of the testers and their roles in the developing video games. Also, get ready with your gaming methods. You can exhibit your analytical skills by talking about the shortcoming of the games that you have handled.


For the job hunt you can make use of the KWs like “Quality Assurance.” There are many small video game developers that do not deploy video game tester and they outsource their work to the testing firms. There are many big video game developers who are on a constant look out for the people who can operate their software and give them feedback about the games, report the errors and shortcomings of the video games etc.


The role of video game tester comprises of reporting the errors and shortcomings in the video games to the developers and how those errors are affecting the game and also come up with the quick fix solutions so that the games become more popular. Once you have the gaming skills and the requisite qualifications you can make your resume and forward it to some of the known game developers. Thousands of games are developed every year ranging from the major consoles to the super mini browsers and therefore skilled testers are in huge demand. If you are qualified and skilled to become a video game tester then do not miss any opportunity and send you resume even if the testers are not required.


Video game testers have a very vital role in the development of the video games. Video game testers try to put the best video game software which can ensure that the gamers have a good experience while playing them. There are various roles of game developers like conducting quality assurance, finding errors in the software, finding bugs and any other kinds of problems that could be the cause of annoyance to the users. They also detect the games for bugs to make them secure for the players. If you think that you are capable of doing all these efficiently then you can become a tester.


There are many who get fooled by the word game. Actually, it is not a game but it is a serious job which comes with many duties. So, do not think that you can become a video game tester just because you love playing video games in your spare time. It is a full time and a demanding job which calls for great skills. The job requires you to be more organized, disciplined in your approach. If you want to be a video game tester you need to have a lot of patience and should be systematic in your approach.


If you want to become a video game developer there are some of the attributes which you need to inculcate like keen eye for every detail, a thorough eye for understanding of the software and hardware of the game and should have an excellent eye to hand coordination for better navigating all through the games.


What are video game tester’s responsibilities? How do you become a video game tester? Read on to find out. As video game developers are responsible for finding issues of the games then you should have a thorough knowledge of the software and hardware as your job as a video game tester comprises of analyzing the software and providing every detail to the developer of the game about the errors and shortcomings of the software. As there are loads of video games that are being developed every year, to find the suitable job of video tester is easy when you have the requisite attributes for it. Also, one can take the help of internet board for the free of cost job hunts for the aspiring video game testers.


If you think that you are a keen observer, good communicator and have knowledge about the software of the video games then you should start forwarding your resume to the game developers.

Author: Johan Bosman

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