How to cure swimmers ear

When a swimmer comes across annoying, painful and itchy symptoms of swimming ear, it would result in visiting a doctor for painkillers and antibiotics. But there are many people who don’t know that apart from visiting a doctor, there are many other home remedies which can be helpful in how to cure swimmers ear. Swimmer’s ear also known as Otis Externa is basically a type of painful infection which occurs in the skin lining of the ear canal. This condition can be an outcome of exposure to water. It is found that both children and adults are affected by it. Its harmful results can be pain, temporary hearing loss, or itching. People after swimming can also notice fuzziness in their ear which means that there is water inside their ear. Some of the treatment options available for treating swimming ear are given below:


Alcohol rubbing-: if you rub your year with alcohol, then not only the germs get killed but water which may have entered while swimming will also evaporate.


Apple cider vinegar-: in many cases, water stops inside the ear and it is not coming out. Put 3 or 4 drops of dilute (equal quantities of alcohol and water mixed together) into your ear, immediately after swimming or showering. This preventive measure really works and helps prevent future ear infections.


Hair dryer-: put your hair dryer’s warm settings on and place it at an arm’s length from your ear. Now slowly move the dryer back and forth. Before using for your ear, test its warmth on your wrist and allow it to run for sometime before you start using it for your ear. This method will help to evaporate trapped water which is inside your ear. This is one of the most effective techniques to cure as well as avoid swimming ear problem.


Vinegar-: drop two to three drops of white vinegar into your ear after every two hour. This will help to fight against fungal or bacterial infections.


Vinegar with water-: another effective remedy is to mix 50/50 parts of warm water and vinegar and drop four drops of this mixture three times a day in your ear for at least three days. Pull the ear lobe as if to straighten the ear canal. Now add the drops so that the mixture reaches the exact destination.


Stop swimming-: if you have developed swimming ear then it is advised to stop swimming till your ear condition is not perfect. Apply heat for controlling pain instead of taking pain killers. For this you can use a heating pad as it provides immense relief. Take a towel and fold it into half, place it between your ear and the heating pad. Heating pad should be used only for a certain period of time.


Use medication-: many ear drops are available in the markets that help to prevent your ear from fungal and bacterial infections. Use these drops on doctor’s advice only so that no further damage is done.

Author: Johan Bosman

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