How to delay the development of lines and wrinkles from a young age

Facial lines and wrinkles arise by natural means with aging.

Elastin and collagen fibers decline, making skin much less flexible, and essential oil and sweat glands become much less productive, making your skin more dry.
In addition fat underneath the skin generally shrinks, leading to sagging skin.

The age when lines and wrinkles start to show up differs and it has a lot to do with genetics. Individuals with fair skin, wrinkle before those that have darker complexions. Normally, lines and wrinkles show up first around the eyes, above the upper lip as well as around the neck.

Facial lotions and creams are able to soften as well as lubricate the skin, however their impact on lines and wrinkles is superficial and short term. Cosmetic or plastic surgeons as well as dermatologists can get rid of lines and wrinkles for longer periods of time with cosmetic surgery, chemical peeling or the injection of enhancing materials underneath them; all of this involve risks.

Delaying the development of lines and wrinkles from a young age :

* Keep away from the sun’s rays as far as possible and at all times use a sunscreen whenever you are outdoors.

* At the same time avoid smoking cigarettes; it’s been associated with early wrinkling, in part since it reduces blood circulation to surface capillary vessels.

* Continuous contraction of facial muscles due to stress and anxiety may also trigger premature wrinkling. Repeatedly during the day, take time to relax your facial muscles. Pay attention to frowning and smooth out your forehead.

* In order to avoid crow’s feet resulting from squinting, make sure that your vision is appropriately corrected and that you use sun glasses when you are around the water or even at the seaside.

* Keep your hands and fingers away from your face. Resting with your chin on your hand, pushing your face out of it’s normal position, or rubbing your eyes can easily stretch fragile skin.

*Reducing your weight too quickly or continuously changing weight gain with weight loss could potentially cause skin to sag. Thus, at the same time, can incorrect dental hygiene as well as care. Not to mention poor posture can emphasize the wrinkling and sagging that already exists.

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Author: Johan Bosman

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