How to avoid 8 common weight-loss mistakes

After all the sweat in the gym and the distasteful diets you still can’t seem to get rid of your gut.  The reason you still have your belly hanging over your belt, might lie in these common pitfalls.  Lose weight by avoiding these mistakes.


You are still fat because: You’re starving

Many people think that by cutting your daily kilojoules intake drastically, like skipping meals, they will lose weight.  This is so not true.  When you cut too many kilojoules it forces your body to go into survival mode.  This will push your body to conserve kilojoules rather than burn them.  And there’s more bad news; your body will be forced to burn vital muscle tissue for most of its vital operations.  This is very counter-productive because more muscle=faster metabolism=less fat.

Consume at least 6500 to 7000 kilojoules daily to keep your metabolism from shutting down.


You are still fat because: You inhale food

Did you know that it takes your brain about fifteen minutes to realize you have just eaten?  So while you are chowing down your second plate your brain just got the message.  But then you eat because of indulgence, not for survival.

Next time you have a meal, chew each mouthful thoroughly, put down your fork, and take a sip of water.  This will give your brain time to receive signals from your stomach that it is being filled.


You are still fat because: You consume too much refined food

Processed foods contain less fiber.  Fiber also helps you to feel fuller.  So by consuming less fiber in your diet, the empty kilojoules will keep you eating away at unhealthy food.  Try to cut back on your potato intake.  Blood glucose concentrations rise quickly when you consume low-fiber breakfast cereals, white bread and French fries.


Lose weight the healthy way by incorporating the correct eating plan


You are still fat because: You don’t get enough rest

If you are deprived of sleep (sleeping less than 6 hours at night for six consecutive nights), your body’s blood glucose and insulin levels rise.  This is bad because surplus insulin boosts body-fat storage.  This will also lead to a slower metabolism.

Try to get back into a healthy routine.  Hit the sack for at least 8 hours at night, and try to do it round about the same time.


You are still fat because: You think you can eat what you want providing you exercise

Not true.  By only increasing the amount of exercise, you might end up gaining weight!  You need to cut back on your caloric intake as well.  Many people found that exercise made them hungry, so they ate more.

Eat smaller portions and cut back on your favorite restaurant visits.  Research has shown that portions in restaurants are about 3 times the portion size you need to eat to keep the weight off.


You are still fat because: You are dehydrated

This is your best workout partner.  You need to have the recommended 8 glasses of water each day to flush out waste products from breaking down fat and processing protein.  This will also help to keep you from feeling hungry if you keep chugging down the H20.

Find a 2 liter water bottle and try to drink all of it by the end of the day.  Generally clear to light-yellow urine is a sign of good hydration.


Losing weight is easier than you think




Author: Shaun De Kock

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