How to be aware of credit card fraud

If you haven’t applied for a credit card yet, make sure the company you are applying at offers a lot of security features.  It is very common nowadays to experience credit card fraud in some way.  This will cause the victims a lot of stress and hassle.  Credit cards have many security features so make use of them.


Consumers should always look for ways to protect themselves.  Many reputable companies are always on the lookout to ensure safer credit card purchases.  And with the amount of these companies available in almost every state in the U.S., fraudsters are becoming more and more prevalent.


Checking your monthly credit card statements is the best way to protect yourself against credit card fraud.  Contact your credit card company the moment you suspect any foul play.  Fraudulent purchases would be easy to spot his way and once contacted, the credit card company will do their best to retrieve the money that was illegally stolen from you.  Also be aware of any form of contact, other than the normal contact methods of your credit card company.  If you receive emails that appear to be from your credit card company, but don’t remember giving them your E-mail address, do not reply.  The fraudsters will only steal your information wreck your account.


Keep your credit card safe at all times


Never carry your credit card loosely.  Always place it in a secure wallet to give you piece of mind by not being able to lose it.  When you make a purchase, keep your information safe so others can’t view it and make sure your card is handed to you promptly.


The number one reason for credit card fraud is consumers’ inability to keep their cards and information safe.  Criminals will always be out there.  How you protect yourself from them is up to you.  Always keep your card in a safe place and never share your information.  Like we stated previously the scammers come up with new ways of obtaining the necessary information in new unsuspected ways.  Keep tabs on your purchases the moment you make them and scan your statements to see if they corroborate. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, contact your bank or Credit Card Company immediately.




Author: Shaun De Kock

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