How to be good at bowling

How to be good at bowling

Good at bowling

Most of us like the retro-cool, goodtime buzz of bowling.  And the shirts.  Even if you don’t go that often, infrequent bowlers can boost their scores with these tips from the president of the WP Tenpin Bowling Association and Springbok bowling coach, Marius Collins.


Be good at bowling with these smart tips

  • Good at bowling tip #1: Choose a ball that you are comfortable with.  Test the weight of the ball as if you are trying to guess its weight.  Make sure your middle and ring fingers fit into the ball holes up to the second joint and your thumb fits completely into its hole.
  • Good at bowling tip #2: Move to the foul line and line your right shoulder (if right handed) up with the centre arrow of the lane.  Now take the stance of a 400m runner – right leg slightly behind the left leg, knees slightly bent.
  • Good at bowling tip #3: Start with the ball near waist level with your elbows close and on the sides of your hips.
  • Good at bowling tip #4: The inside of you arm and the palm of your hand (with the ball in it) must face towards the pins.  Take aim.
  • Good at bowling tip #5: Push the ball up, out and over a waist level imaginary bar.  Allow gravity to take over the backward and forward path of the ball.

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