How to become a real estate agent in florida

Real estate as an investment option is one of the most reliable and financially rewarding ones. For that matter, real estate offers great scope as a career, both financially as well as professionally. Moreover, becoming a real estate agent in Florida is a great option for people who are willing to take the plunge in real estate to become a realtor. This is because, Florida as an area is blessed with great properties that have ample scope for people to expand their clientele attain success in this profession. Moreover, it is one of the most densely populated states in USA. Also, on the development front, it features state of art public utility facilities that make it a great location for residential as well as commercial purposes. The Florida Real estate Commission is the regulating authority in Florida which grants licenses to real estate agents in the state. It is a seven member body that works under the aegis of the Florida State Department of Business and Professional Regulation, under the Division of Real Estate. There are certain eligibility criterions to be fulfilled first to become a realtor in the state of Florida. To start with, a person must be of 18 years and must have completed 12 years of school education. A person also needs to provide his or her police and arrest history or any other criminal records. Along with that, people also need to submit a full set of their fingerprints which are no older than 2 months or 60 days. In case a person fulfills all these requirements they can sit for the Florida real estate exams.


A person who applies for the Sales Associate license for working in the real estate sector has to attend a total of 63 class hours which cover the required curriculum. People suffering from any physical disability of permanent nature can be exempted from physically attending the classes and they may opt for correspondence courses for pre-licensing. In addition to these, a holder of an associate license also needs to fulfill certain educational requirements after getting the license. A persona applying for the associate license must clear the Florida Real Estate exam with a minimum score of 75. After passing the exam, an applicant has to submit a DBPR RE-10 for the activation of the applied license. When it comes to preparing for the Florida real estate exam, applicants can refer to the Candidate Information Booklet, which comes in handy to make applicants well prepared for the exam.


Further, in order to secure a license for real estate broker in the state of Florida, an applicant needs to hold a sales associate license prior to applying for the latter. In addition to this, applicants must have experience in real estate for at least 12 months, during the five years prior to the time of application for the license. The applicant may have an experience in a state other than Florida. Applicants for broker license must have completed a total of 72 class hours of real estate courses. Each of these courses carries a validity of two years. Applicants with a physical disability of permanent nature may apply for a pre-license via a correspondence course. Moreover, applicants need to clear their exams with a minimum grade of 75. After this, applicants need to submit their DBPR RE-10 forms for the activation of their license. After the activation, applicants need to sit for 60 class hours of courses before their former broker license expires. The fee for applying for a broker license is $115. People can find the real estate license application on the web. Also, they can get all other applications as well as renewal applications online as well. There are scores of colleges and institutions that offer real estate courses. For real estate courses, people also have the option of distance education.  Moreover, both the sales associate license and broker license holders need to complete an education of 14 classroom hours after every two years after the renewal of their first license. Attorneys from Florida who enjoy the goodwill of the Florida Bar are exempted from the 14 classroom hours of education; however, they still have to sit for 45 classroom hours of post licensing educational courses.


People can also renew their license online or through telephone the details of which are present on their website. The financial remuneration in this career option is commission based, where brokers and agents earn a certain percentage of commission on each property they get sold or bought. Buyers and sellers alike approach these agents to get the best deal for their properties. A necessary requirement of this field is good marketing and communication skills. Moreover, agents should also before embarking on a property deal asset themselves about the legality of a property or whether it is not of a disputed nature. Further, people may get in contact with associations like National Association of Real Estate Brokers to land up great working opportunities. From the point of view of future security as well, real estate is highly dependable.

Author: Johan Bosman

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