How to become an affiliate marketer

This is one of the many ways to make money online.  Many webmasters and online “gurus” have been practicing this for years.  If you are wondering how to become one, and make some extra cash on the side, this guide will set you on your way to become an affiliate marketer.


What exactly is affiliate marketing?  Well, this basically means that your are selling goods or services belonging to someone else, for a commission fee.  The commission fee varies from company to company or person to person.  Sometimes they offer a flat rate per sale or offer more commission fees per X amount of sales.  The reason companies offer affiliate sign-ups is simple; they get more advertising exposure and make more sales, in turn, you get paid for your effort.  This is a win-win situation.


There are many ways you can go about doing affiliate marketing.  One of the easiest ways is to create a website or a blog (don’t worry, you won’t have to search far to get someone to help you with this, especially online), and then advertise the product or service.  It will be wise to choose a market where you have some experience in or possess some knowledge of.  For instance, if you happen to know a lot about fashion design, or if you have knowledge of how to play guitar, this should be your first choice.  If you are interested in a certain subject it is much easier to become an expert in your chosen field.  This will also make marketing your product or service easier because one of the ways you will end up marketing the goods, is through article marketing.


When you choose a URL for your website, choose something in the domain name that resembles your specific niche, ex, if you are going to promote affiliate links about cat products, register a domain name like or .  This is what is called SEO or search engine optimization.  This is very broad topic which we won’t get into right now.  For starters all you need to know about SEO is that your domain name, article headings, and articles should be filled with keywords about your specific niche and the article you are writing about.  When you write an article about cat nutrition, make sure your article is filled with the keywords: cat nutrition.  This will make it easier for search engines to recognize that this particular article could be of interest to people who want to know more about cats and their nutrition needs.



Ok once you are set up with your website, and you have become an affiliate for a specific product or service, now you have to let the world wide web know that you are offering what they need.  This is where your previous knowledge on your specific product or service comes in handy.  You will be writing articles (+- 500 words) about it and then submit them to article directories.  There are hundreds and thousands of article directories available on the internet and a quick search on your favorite search engine will quickly reveal some of the best websites.  All of the article directories allow you to place a “signature” at the end of your article.  A Signature is simply a few lines containing a description of yourself or your product and then your affiliate link.  Your affiliate link will be provided by the company or person with whom you sign up with.  This will lead to more backlinks to your website equating to more visitors and sales and also increase your search engine page rank (where you are placed among the thousands of websites out there.


Affiliate marketing success will not occur overnight, but with hard work and diligence you will be on your way to some extra cash or even quitting your day job.  Keep building your website, adding articles to it AND submitting articles to article directories.  You can do it, just don’t give up


Author: Shaun De Kock

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