How to become famous

Every individual aspires to become famous at some point of their life. There are many ways to how to become famouse  provided that one implements them in the right way and at the right time. There are some people who want to become famous but they don’t follow the right technique at the right time and land up becoming un-famous. It is aptly said that becoming famous is easy but maintaining that position is what really matters because it is a real difficult task.  Given below are some ways by which you can become famous and enjoy the love and respect which famous people get.


Enter into a reality show-:


One of the best ways to let the world know about your existence is to join a reality show. In these shows many a times very common people are made as participants. This is a platform which will transform you from a common individual to a famous person. The point here to note is that in these shows you will have to do some extraordinary activities so that you are given maximum votes by the people. For this, you can show your singing talent, dancing talent, or any other hidden talent which you have. To become famous using this platform requires a lot of hard work because you have to shine above all the participants present on that show because they are also making plans to become famous.


Invent something extraordinary-:


If you resort to this technique of becoming famous then apart from becoming famous, you will earn a lot of love and respect from the people around you. Every individual has some talent or the other. All you have to do is to use that talent and do something creative. You can show your creativity in the field of science, medicine, arts, humanity, politics, engineering, computers, and so on. Here also, a lot of effort and determination is required and it may take some time for you to become famous but that will be a long lasting experience.


Become a sports person-:


In today’s world, people are very fond of sports and sports persons. Some are crazy about cricketers, some for basketball players, some for football players, some for tennis players, and so on. If you are good at some sports then you need to join a sports academy and take proper training to enhance your skills further. After this, you need to apply for national and international level team. Once you are selected in some national or international team, you will definitely become famous. You have to play well and for this try to improve more and more on your skills. Learn from your seniors as well as from your past experiences. Try to make a world record so that you become famous forever and people remember you for your great performances.


Become a magician, entertainer, or comedian-:


Here, right things said at the right time matter a lot. If you make people laugh or with your activities do something which they remember for a long time then you become famous. The way a comedian makes people laugh is unique which no other person can do. So this makes people remember you for a longer time. Similarly a good magician is remembered for a longer time because of his magical spells which he had casted upon his audience.


Become a politician-:


This is one of the easiest ways to become famous. A politician’s post will not only give you a high post in the country but lots of money as well as power. Here, two things are very important to become a politician. The first thing is that you should be a good and effective orator. This means that the person should have the power of speech with which they can sway the audience or the general masses towards them. Attracting the general population is important because after all they are the ones who are going to select the candidate through their votes. When you are addressing the public you have to mark your words and be very careful about what you say. You have to talk in favour of the public or the general masses and try to convince them that you are the right candidate for them.


Establish a successful business-:


Those who have extraordinary skills in business and management can try becoming famous by starting a big business. There are many businessmen who have become famous just because of their business. People recognize them because of their work and talent which they have used in establishing such a great empire. This route to becoming famous is definitely not simple and you will have to go through a lot of hardships and stress. But those who continue giving their best efforts are the ones who will emerge as leaders and no doubt become famous.


Marry some famous personality-:


There are many famous personalities who have become famous just because their spouse is famous. This is an easy and tested way of becoming famous. Here, all you have to do is to become a girlfriend, or boyfriend, or friend, or marry some famous personality and in turn become famous. The world wants to know about the personal lives of people who are famous especially whether or not they are married, do they have a girlfriend, and things like that. In such situations, you become famous not on your own identity but on some other famous personalities identity.


Become an actor-:


Actors are no doubt very famous. Individuals follow their dress, their style, their manners, and so on. Even if you are not a very successful actor then also media will help you in becoming famous.  All you have to do is to give interviews to news reporters, on television, appear on talk shows, etc. Even if you have given one or two good performances, people remember you for that and this shows that how quickly an actor can become famous.

Author: Johan Bosman

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