How To Blog for MLM Home Based Business Leads

Mlm home based business

Mlm home based business

Will you be taken seriously ?

You are involved in an MLM and want to begin branding yourself as an authority in the industry so that you can begin getting your MLM home based business leads seeking you out. Maybe you have thought about starting a Blog but not sure what you could talk about on a weekly basis? Perhaps you feel that since you have never had any significant success in marketing you would not be taken serious and no one would even want to read your articles. Well I have great news for you! Read this article and you will receive an easy to follow outline of how to begin immediately.

Here is a checklist of needed and recommended tools to start your Branding and MLM lead generation:

Required 1. Domain Name purchase both the dot com and dot net version 2.      Your Own Hosted Word Press Blog 3.  Auto Responder System 4.      Keyword Research Tool 5.      Article Distribution Software


Having the right tools not only makes sense in is critical to your on line marketing efforts. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself then don’t even spend another minute considering this approach to marketing, and I would suggest that you really consider whether you should even be in business for yourself. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself I recommend you go back to your job and give up any notion of every being successful in business. This may sound harsh but there is not a single person that is going to invest themselves into working with you when you won’t.


A Ton Of Money In Research


I invested a ton of money into various tools and courses to acquire the skills to build a blog that produced solid results. Unfortunately you can get sucked into some real garbage and waste a lot of time with it. Everyone it seems these days are involved in some kind of tool to make your online life go better. The problem is that the newbie doesn’t know junk from quality until after the dollars have been paid out on the Credit Card. I have posted the best of the best resources I have seen to date on my blog version of this article. Check it out if you are wanting to get an online stream of leads coming into your email each day.


The following are the steps advise you to do:


Get your domain name in both a dot net and dot com version as they are viewed as the most credible in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo’s eyes. Register your Domain name and host your Blog for 2 years. You can do it for less but it screams “I am only trying this out and I am going to quit so don’t take me serious as a blogger!”


Author: Johan Bosman

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