How to book a last-minute table in a top restaurant

How to book a last-minute table in a top restaurant

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“Don’t you know who (I think) I am??”

Improve your chances of booking a last-minute table at a top restaurant this way:

1.      Many popular restaurants have  waiting lists of up to 4 weeks long.  But for certain times, like Fridays and Saturdays for example, the list can be twice as loing.  So pick your times to wine-and-dine accordingly.

2.      If forward planning is not your thing, do the opposite and leave it for the very last minute.  One or two last-minute cancellations are not uncommon in ANY restaurant.  IF it doesn’t happen, but you still want to keep the night open, ask the person attending to your call to place you on the list if there happens to be a cancellation.

3.      Don’t be too fussy about where you sit.  IF the restaurant has a good reputation and the food is great, you’re hardly going to find yourself in the broom cupboard.  IF your simply booking “to-be-seen”, then my friend, you’ve got more money than common sense.

4.      Try not to weave any elaborate tales – like being “Chef Luke’s” auntie’s best friend’s cousin, in order to get a table, this behavior is much frowned upon.

5.      If you’re fortunate to combine your fine dining with a stay at a good hotel, search out the concierge.  If there’s anyone who can get you a table at a top restaurant, it’s the concierge. What the hell is a concierge you may ask?  Well, A concierge is an employee who lives on the premises of an apartment building or a hotel and serves guests with duties similar to those of a butler.   Their reputation rests on it, and they are pleased to show their connections.

Author: Johan Bosman

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