How to boost your brain


Boost your Brain




You have about 1.4kg of grey matter in your skull, here are five ways to keep it running smoothly.


Boost your brain by “keeping it fresh”

Exercise has long been hailed as an aid to brain-power longevity.  But to ensure you won’t be forgetting your own name in your eighties, vary your own workout routines now.  You will stimulate your brain more because you won’t be using the same pathways over and over again.  Another exercise you can do from time to time is to use your left hand (if right-handed) and vice versa, to do your usual daily tasks like brushing your teeth.  By switching hands you also stimulate new pathways in your brains neural network.


Boost your brain with a “Java jolt”

Swilling coffee could be a perfect accompaniment to the cryptic password.  Austrian scientists measuring brain activity measuring brain activity found short-term memory and concentration improved after consuming 100mg of caffeine – equal to one Americano.  But after 45 minutes, those guinea pigs were back to their original limited intellect.


Boost your brain with “Brainbox 360”

Play first person video games like Gears of War (Xbox 360) and you will develop stronger visual skills and make decisions 85 percent faster than non-gamers, say experts from the University of Rochester, New York.  They can read a newspaper, recognize a scene or pick out facial features faster, says the study author.


Boost your brain with “curry flavors”

Tuck into a curry tonight and clear your mental cobwebs.  University of California researchers have discovered that circumin – a yellow colored compound in the spice turmeric – can slow the onset of memory loss.  So remember this: order curry with a yellow tinge and you will be the sharpest grandpa/grandma around.


Boost your brain with “boron”

Fat-busting snacks have the added benefit of enhancing your little grey cells.  British Nutrition Foundation reports show low fat dried fruits such as dates are a good source of brain boosting boron.  Get 175 grams of fruit down a day and you’re likely to score higher in the motor skills than your fruitless colleagues (coordination not Top Gear skills, lol)


Interesting fact: The LEFT hemisphere of your brain has around 186 million more extra neurons when compared to your RIGHT hemisphere!


Author: Shaun De Kock

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