How to buy a women lingerie

how to buy a woman lingerie


What YOU like in lingerie and what she likes in lingerie can often and usually be two entirely different things.  You may well focus on what she’ll look like in it, but key to her, is how she feels wearing it!  But, be brave and venture out!  You might “suddenly” have more free time J

Here are three things to remember on how to buy woman’s underwear

1.      Think glamorous and stylish!  Do not be tempted to push the boundaries of sexual expression (not for the very first time you buy lingerie for her anyhow).  Rather, go for what you know she’ll like and what she’ll like to wear.  C’mon, you should know her by now, especially if you want to buy her underwear!  Focus on luxurious fabrics and stylish sets, rather than “cheap” looking ensembles.

2.      Size DOES matter.  Get her size in underwear wrong, and she’s either going to be extremely uncomfortable or massively offended, either way, it doesn’t end well for you.  Do your research properly and get her sizing right, you only have one shot at this, don’t mess it up now slick (she will remember it forever).

3.      Ask for help!  In general, lingerie shop assistants are very well trained to assist you.  They understand the daunting situation that you find yourself in so don’t be shy to ask for help when you buy your woman some underwear.  OR, alternatively, ask her best mate or close buddy, they could also give you some advice on her taste and point you in the right direction.

Author: Johan Bosman

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