How to care for puppies directly after birth



How 2 care for puppies directly after birth

When you have new born puppies there are a few things you can do to help them survive. The first 2 weeks are the most important. Usually if they make it that far and nothing major happens they will make it. First of all at birth make sure that you help the mother as needed. If she don’t remove the sac from the baby fast enough you should remove it and rub the baby to help breathing. Remove everything from his nose and mouth.

Make sure that she don’t sit on the babies. If a baby gets stuck you can gently ”pull” it out of the mother. Remember gently. Their eyes will open anytime from 9 – 15 days with 13 being the average. Their ears a few days after that.

Apart from all of that, babies need to drink at least every 2 hours. Make sure that no male dogs are interfering with the mother and the puppies. Give the mother lot’s of water and food and increase her calcium intake. A good brand of dog pellets helps. You can even give her some tea. Make sure there is warm blankets or something similar for her and the puppies. In winter you can bring them indoors, get a heating pad, infra red light or something similar to help fight the freezing colds, as baby dogs will die in low temperatures.

If you have time you can help the babies to find the nipple of the mother and to drink as much as possible for the first few days.  Often a baby might ”crawl” away from its mother and a helping hand can do only good here.

Sometimes when the mother doesn’t lick the babies on their private parts to help them urinate you can use a cotton cloth or something similar and dip it in warm water to mimic the mother’s liking. Apart from these there is not much more you can do and you must let nature go its cause.

Sometimes some dogs are really good mothers and you don’t need to do anything, some other dogs are not as good and without some human help a few puppies wouldn’t make it.

Author: Johan Bosman

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