How to choose a budget car rental

Whether you are traveling or just don’t want to pay exorbitant prices on taxi fees, budget car rentals are your saviors.  Sadly, most of the time the people who assist you with budget car rentals doesn’t have your best interests at heart.  Use these tips to get the budget, out of a budget car rental.


  • Shop online

Look for websites that offer you car rentals at your own price.  They will search through their directories and pick the most suitable agency that can cater for your specific budget providing you aren’t too choosy.  You may even get a bonus thrown in like unlimited mileage or free upgrades and extras.


  • Be on the lookout for package deals

Many of these typed of packages are available like, fly-drive-stay or fly- drive.  You can get great discounts on your budget car rental deals this way.  Be aware though that albeit being more convenient, flight deals may not be the most economic packages.


  • Ask for any type of discount

This may be from your credit card companies or your health insurance.  They can offer you frequent flyer discounts if you use certain firms that they are affiliated with or you get a sign-up bonus if you apply for a credit card.  If you are a senior citizen or on a pension program you might get discounts offered in your specific age or income brackets.


  • Check your vehicle before you purchase a package

It’s not called budget car rentals for nothing!  Most of the cars that are on offer can be poorly maintained.  So inspect your vehicle thoroughly if it’s possible and advise the agency of any defects, damages etc to ensure that they don’t claim it from your safety deposit once you return the car.  Check the windscreen wipers, brakes, seatbelts, radio etc.


  • Insurance

If you possess car insurance, check and see if they don’t cover rentals in their insurance schemes too.  Otherwise you have to purchase insurance from the rental agency.  If you ARE covered, you might purchase additional and unnecessary insurance costing you more.  When you rent a car, insurance is compulsory so it is important to check your current state of affairs.


  • Be an “early bird”

We all know the saying:” the early bird catches the worm ”.  In this case the worm is an upgrade car at a budget price.  Go to the budget car rental agency early in the morning, preferably when they open.  The reason being that sometimes by that time most of the budget cars haven’t been returned yet and thus the agency might offer you an upgrade car but at a discounted price.



Author: Shaun De Kock

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