How to choose the right dog breed

How 2 choose the right dog breed

Choosing the right dog for your family can be a difficult task.

I will point out a few things to make it easier for you. First of all if you have children or get a lot of visitors at your home with children you want to consider the fact that some dogs are just not good with children or some dogs are better with children than other.

If you want a guard dog you won’t be buying a poodle or Chiwawa  altought a Chiwawa can be a small alarm running around. You might consider getting a big and small dog or two dogs of a kind for breeding or other reasons.

Take note that some dogs want to have other dogs to play with and to keep them busy and less naughty. I would suggest that you visit a nice website with all the different dog breeds and their temperament.

How to choose the right dog breed

Choose the right Bog Breed

Decide if you want a big or small dog, a guard dog or a friendly family pet and then read the needs of that dog and talk to people owning such dogs.

Author: Johan Bosman

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