How to clean your pc and make it faster.

How 2 clean your pc and make it faster.

For many people that is not as knowledgeable on cleaning their computer, it can become a very frustrating job, and you also stand the change of installing the wrong software that might even slow it down even more, or it might even be malicious software, that can infect your pc with malware.

So i decided that i will share my knowledge on this subject. I have worked in the Information Technology area for quite some time, so the following steps is exactly the steps that I use on my clients computers.

The first thing that you should check is your anti virus software. After testing every single av software for months, here is only one that i personally use, and that is busy putting me out of business because I hardly get any calls for a virus problem on a clients pc. so get yourself Kaspersky Anti Virus. Remember Anti Virus, not the Internet Security. The AV gives the same internet protection. but is much more reliable when it comes to your pc’s protection. Unlike Norton or Bit Defender, for me it does not slow your pc down at all. It’s realtime protection is very very good.Now for cleaning your pc. Download a small little wonder software called CCleaner. you can do a just click on CCleaner to go to an external download page. CCleaner provide you with a lot of very cool functions to help you clean your pc very fast and effective.

You first have to uninstall all the unnecacery software from your computer. So after installing CCleaner, run the software from the shortcut on your desktop, On the left hand side, click on the “Tools” button on the right. You will then see another 2 options appear. “Uninstall” and “Startup”. Now on the uninstall menu, read through the list and look for software that is not needed anymore, highlight it, and click on “Run Uninstaller” on the right hand side. Please make double sure not to uninstall anything that might be important and you might need in the future, because after it is uninstalled you have to get the cd or the installation file again to reinstall it. After uninstalling everything that you don’t need, click on “Startup” under “Startup” you will see all the software that is started when the computer boot’s up into windows. disable all the unnecessary software that starts on your computer. Don’t disable your Anti Virus, as this

will cause you to manually start it every time, and you might pickup problems if you forgot to. Next click on “Cleaner” on the left side and then click on “Run Cleaner” this will delete all the temporary and unnecessary files witch will free up disk space.

Now click on “Registry” , then click on “Scan for Issues”. Don’t worry about losing something important with this scan, after testing this software on every singlecomputer that I provide service for, I have never encountered a problem. After the scan completed click on “Fix Issues” CCleaner will now allow you to make a backup of the registry entries that is now going to be removed. For safety just say yes, and safe the file at your preferred location. CCleaner will now clean the selected items. Please repeat the “Cleaner” and “Registry” until no files is picked up from any scan. This will take care of some problems, and you will immediately see a difference in your pc’s speed. If you suspect that your computer might be infected with malware or spyware, the only effective software that I found witch is free to use to clean your pc is Malwarebytes, although if you would want to run the software as a real time scanner, you would have to get a license, witch is not really necessary.

Install Malwarebytes, and continue with the update from the internet. Then do a full scan, and it will show you all the Malware on your pc. You will then have the option to remove it effectively.

If  your computer takes very long to boot, or you are still having startup problems, you can use Hijackthis to

remove any unwanted software from your startup. This tool is a bit more advanced, as you might remove something that you shouldn’t. But for any person that wants to try and speedup your pc, this tool is a must, as it shows you everything that start, even hidden processes. It does make a backup of the files if you make a mistake, so you can restore it later. please read all documentation of  Hijackthis before use. I hope that this helps everybody so please comment on this.

Author: Johan Bosman

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