How to Cure a flu the traditional way (boereraad)

How 2 Cure a flu the traditional way (boereraad) Tired of being ill ?

Take the following ingredients and drin

How to Cure a flu the traditional way (boereraad)

Flu ? the Tarditional way (boereraad)

k at least 3 x a day.
5 ml. Ginger powder

5 ml. Cinnamon
10 ml. Lemon juice
10 ml. Honey

Very strong and hot tea.

40 – 100 ml brandy (depending how much you can handle – the stronger the better)

Every night add 1-2 pain killers like aspirin to the mixture.

Mix it all together and drink it as hot and as fast as possible (down) . The whole mixture should be about half a glass. Apart from that drink lots of water and sleep as much as possible.

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Author: Johan Bosman

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  1. Hi, thank you for your comment, please read this article on how to cure Swine Flu
    And let me know what you think. thanks again

  2. I don’t think that it is anything to be afraid of, if you feel sick, go to the doc, they will know what to look for.

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