How to relieve tension by using Yoga

Yoga is said to be over 5000 years old and is a combination of stretching, breathing and posture exercises.

Many Specialists claim that yoga helps you relax and it improves your posture, certain muscles strengths, flexibility and spine elasticity.
The exercises may be immediately beneficial, and help with the various problems very fast although there is some really advanced positions that can take
several years to learn and master.

If you just start out with yoga, it is always better to attend some classes that is offered by a yogi.
The reason for this is to learn the different exercises, that if it is not performed in the proper way, you can sustain serious injuries.

If you are pregnant or have medical problems, consult your doctor before attempting yoga.

Wear loose clothing and no shoes. Hold a position only as long as it’s comfortable.
Listen to your body and breathe normally through your nose. Stretch slowly and focus on relaxing your tight muscles, remember to only attempt the more extreme positions
after you know the exact way to move and someone showed you how to do them.

Yoga work-out

Begin and end your exercises with the resting posture.
Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms up, legs outstretched and slightly apart.
Close your eyes.
Imagine you’re floating on water.
Un-flex your neck muscles;  very slowly roll-your head from left to right 10 times.
Visualize your head; mentally smooth your scalp, eyelids, lines around the mouth and eyes.
Relax the other parts of your body: starting with your feet, yolk ankles, your lower legs, move towards the head.

Concentrate on each section of your body until there is no tension. Try not to fall asleep.


Relaxed on your back, slowly inhale to the count of four, pushing out your diaphragm (bulging your stomachs and distending your ribs. As you exhale to the same count, your stomach flattens and your ribs retract. You can do this while walking or sitting too.

Warm up with the salutation to the sun exercise, with one posture flowing into the other.

1 Stand with your hands and feet together.
2 Inhaling deeply, raise your arms over your head and stretch backwards.
3 As you exhale, slowly bend forward until you touch the ground.
4 Inhaling, throw your right leg behind you; stretch your neck forward.
5 Throw the other leg behind you, keeping your body in a straight line.
6 Exhaling, lower your knees, your forehead and your chest to the ground; follow with your hips.
7 Raise your upper torso and, as you inhale, slowly stretch upwards with your back arched and your head back.
8 With your feet flat on the floor, raise your hips until your legs are straight.
9 Bring your right foot forward and resume posture 4.
10 Bring the other foot forward and straighten your legs.
11 Slowly stand up; resume posture 2. Return to starting posture. Repeat, using the left leg in posture 4.

Good Luck. and I hope this was not to hard on you.

Author: Johan Bosman

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