How to escape a lion attack

When you find yourself in the African Bush and you are on foot you might encounter some wild animals and this Article will help you to escape a confrontation with a wild lion… First of all when you walk in the bush make sure that you always look around you at all times and listen to the sounds of the bush. When you are a few persons walk silently and if someone have a rifle let that person walk in front and the rest in single file behind him. As most of the time the danger comes from the front. When you meet a lion these tips can help you survive but remember that it is a wild animal and these are only indications of what you can do to improve your survival changes. Never run away !!! Your instinct will tell you to run this is the biggest mistake you can make !! Never run and never turn your back on the lion. Face it. Then back off slowly by walking backwards until you retrieved a save distance.  Most of the time the lion will show mutual respect for you and might just leave you alone.  The reason for not running is the lion is not sure if you are pray or predator. Wild animals have a natural fear of humans and will most often avoid confrontation. When you run the lion will immediately see you as pray. In certain cases like a case recorded in Kruger National Park a female lion attacked a ranger. Cases like these might be because the lion is protecting her cubs, or the lion might be injured or have some form of virus. In such cases the only way out is to shoot the lion as no other method will work. Something else you can try as well that works with most animals is to make noises unfamiliar to the animals like whistling or clapping hands. Remember to only do this in case of an attack as these actions might evoke an attack as well (even n smaller animals – not just b. Best of all don’t walk at night in the bush and during the day if you have to keep your eyes and ears open and try to stay close to big rocks and trees where you can put something between you and the animal.

Author: Johan Bosman

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