How to exercise your eyes.

Did you know that stress affects your eyesight?

The six muscles which work together to affect the shape of your eyeball – and your ability to focus – get out of sync, causing your vision to deteriorate.  With these simple eye exercises you could not only prevent vision deterioration caused by too many hours in front of a computer screen, but actually improve your eyesight over time.


How to exercise your eyes in 5 simple steps

1.       Warm up your eyes for two minutes whenever your eyes, or you, feel tired by cupping your hand over your eyes.  Blink frequently to activate the tear gland and move your eyes from left to right.

2.       Splash your eyes 20 times with warm, then cold water.

3.       Read the first paragraph with the text upside down.  Deliberately blink twice a line as each blink gives your vision system a refocusing opportunity.  Chance the reading distance frequently.  Exercise with close reading more frequently as you get older – use it or lose it!

4.       While driving, shift your focus from objects close at hand, like the steering wheel, to the road in front of you, to the light poles alongside the road, the skyline and moving number plates approaching you.  Be aware of the darkest and brightest things in your field of view.  Check all mirrors without turning your head once every minute (it’s a safe habit while you drive anyhow).  Our eyes were designed to take in 40 images a second.

Our immune systems require 30 minutes in the great outdoors daily and, wherever possible, this should be done without contact lenses or sunglasses.?


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  2. I tried this and it worked great. Please keep up the great work.

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