How to Flirt tips and tricks (men and women)

How to Flirt tips and tricks (men and women)

Flirt Tips (men and Women)

We will cover basic flirting techniques here. Whether you are looking for how to flirt tips, want to learn how to flirt, learn how to flirt online, how to flirt with a girl or how to flirt with a man we will try and cover as much as possible.

First of all the old fashioned cheesy pick up lines are a big no-no. Never use them ! Let’s start of with guys flirting with girls or women. It really depends on where you are because being in the mall you won’t necessarily be using the same techniques when you are at a dance club. The mood and atmosphere of the surroundings will be one of the factors that affects the techniques you will be using.

  • Be confident
  • Don’t show that you are shy
  • Look a women in the eyes and smile
  • When you first look at her let her look away first
  • Don’t stare you will freak her out

Be bold and funny and cocky when you talk to women. Make her laugh and feel comfortable around you. Start slowly and then as you progress you test the grounds. As long as you get a green light then you progress to the next level, keep on going until you hit a red light then back off a bit starting with smaller things again.

A nice compliment here and there helps, when you make her laugh, laugh with her and gently touch her arm or shoulder for a second. Before she can feel uncomfortable or uneasy your hand is gone already but you made some crucial physical contact.

Never have a ‘’huge ego’’ as this is a turn of for women. Talk to many women and practice, you will soon learn what works.

Come across as a fun and ‘’chill’’ guy who knows what he want in live and knows how to get it. Have dreams and passion. Let her talk about herself more, don’t flood her with yourself. Be a little secretive and don’t give all the info out at once, let her guess. When you took her number don’t call or sms for at least 2 days. This will make her wonder – Why did he take my number but I don’t hear anything from him… etc

Find out what she likes … O you like that actor… well why not join me for one of his movies on Friday night at ….. Or You like 4wheelers ? That’s cool I am going to do a 4wheeler mountain drive on Saturday you want to join me ? It’s going to be lot’s of fun. Leave the date while you are on a High… you will have her wanting more…

Now For girls you can go on the same kind of things. Keep the guy guessing but if you turn on the Hard2get 2 much you will be turning most guys off…

You can be a little more straight forward as guys are guys when you hit on him and he likes you he will sure hit back…

For both sexes final notes :

  • be playful
  • see flirting as a game
  • dress up and look neat
  • use positive body language
  • compliment the other person (not 2 much) something like it is really a beautiful and unique necklace that you are wearing where did you get it – can also be a conversation opener
  • touch softly and lightly on non offensive places (arm, shoulder)
  • smile
  • read the other persons body language
  • and remember practice makes perfect

Author: Johan Bosman

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