How to install your printer

Setting up the  hardware for each printer is different and should be covered by  the manual. The software  though should  be pretty similar for any  Pinter. Under Windows 5 or 98, printers aren’t added to the usual Ass new hardware wizard. If you start up your machine with your printer attached and on, Windows should spot it ans start the Add printer wizard, It will ask you to  install a drive  for the printer; Windows might already have a driver for it. It’s likely  that your printer has come with a disk or CD containing drivers that supersede those even within Windows 98. Drivers change so tepidly that it’s almost impossible for the operating system to have the best ones.

You need to specify that  you have  a disk for the drivers; and you may have to actually choose the folder on a CD where the drivers are kept. Windowa95 and 98 ask for this different ways, but the information they  need is the same. You need to browse to the  folder that contains the inf file witch holds the driver information . This is often not on the root. Some CD have it in a drivers folder , or in a Win 95 or even Win9x folder. Others have CD’s witch contain drivers for multiple languages, so look for a ENG folder. Any combination of these is possible. When you  locate the folder and click OK , the dialog box  should offer you a  list of printers that you can install from the CD; your exact model  should be there. When you install the driver,you  may also find extra  utilities. These do things like calibrate the  heads so that is knows they are aligned for mixing  black ink with the colors .

They may also replace the Windows print manager witch isn’t very good. Before printing, ensure that you preform any of the tests the driver offers,because it might not prompt you to do so. Go to your printers folder from CONTROL PANELS folder and right click on the printer’s icon and select  PROPERTIES to see all options. This is also where you can change the detail settings  for better print outs. To get the best out of your printer check the manufacture’s Web site for later drivers. It’s possible that they’ve been updated  since installations.

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