How to iron a shirt

How to Iron a Shirt

Ironed Shirt

What’s the matter?  Mommy not around to do your dirty work anymore? Poor thing…Maybe we can help.


No matter how expensive or on-trend the cut, a well-ironed shirt makes a man stand out from the crowd.  Some wise guy once said: “ once you’ve mastered the art of ironing a shirt well, you’ll find it can be quite a therapeutic pastime”.

Here are the basic steps on how to iron a shirt well.

1.      Firstly, keep the iron moving.  Need explaining?  Never let it rest in one place to avoid scorching the garment and setting your house on fire dummy!

2.      Always iron away from stitches and seems.  So when ironing the collar, for example, iron from the collar’s point to the centre of the collar, to avoid puckering.

3.      Start with the collars and cuffs, and then the back of the shirt.

4.      When ironing the shoulder section, also called the “yolk”, drape the arm hole over the narrow end of the ironing board.  This creates a better shape for the sleeve so you can iron the shoulder and sleeve seams.

5.      Follow the temperature settings as per the care label and washing instructions carefully.  Believe it or not, they ARE there for a reason J.

Author: Johan Bosman

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