How to Jump-Start a car

How to Jump-Start a car

Jump Start a car

Leave your lights on?  To get your car going again you will need a set of jumper cables- those heavy duty insulated wires with alligator clamps on each end that draws power from a charged battery in another car to the flat battery in your car.


These 4 steps will teach you to jump-start your car safely and easily.

1.      The black cable is the negative lead (-), and the red cable is the positive lead (+).  Positive clamps must be attached to positive terminals on both batteries.  Same deal with the negative clamps and the negative terminals.  Remember the order in which you place the terminals on each battery.  Get this right- and get a good connection- if you don’t, you could hurt yourself badly.

2.      Call someone like a buddy or maybe even a stranger might give you a hand here.  Start the support car.  Let it idle for a few minutes, then try and start the car with the flat battery.

3.      Once the battery has regained power from the support battery, the engine should turn over and the alternator should start charging the battery again.  I this does not happen the first time, don’t panic, the battery may need more time to build up charge via the support battery.

4.      After your car starts successfully, leave it to idle, and remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were applied, (see 1.).  If your car is still dead, chances are your battery needs replacing. L

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