How to levitate yourself like David Blaine

levitation, n.[level up] – Syn. to float in air, rise above the ground, hover above the ground, escalate

Supposedly, levitation can be accomplished through a number of different ways.  Some religions like Buddhism believe that this can be done through spiritual mediation.  The subject sits in a quiet environment and reaches a completely focused state of mind.  Many tribes in Asia, Africa and South-America still practice such rituals on a regular basis.  They often levitate themselves or objects and animals.

To say that this phenomenon is real, is debatable.  Can it be done via an illusion?  Most definitely.  This article will reveal some of magic’s best kept secrets on levitation by dissecting David Blaine’s levitation techniques.


David Blaine

David Blaine surprised us all with his levitation trick in his Street Magic shows.

This was particularly entertaining because it wasn’t done indoors where cables and ropes could assist him.  He did it outside in the street in broad daylight in front of the camera and curious by standers.

The good news for magic and levitation enthusiasts is that the technique he used can be done by anyone, any age and in a matter of minutes.



Trick: Levitation done anywhere without cables or props

Technique: Balducci technique

Effect: The magician will appear to rise up from the ground a few inches while raising his arms from his sides for dramatic effect, before returning to the ground

What you need: Pair of trousers, a crowd

Method: Assemble a small group of people.  Stand a few feet away from them with your body turned at a 45 degree angle with your back facing them.  The reason you want a smaller audience is for you to be able to keep them in your field of sight.  You don’t want them to stand in front of you as this might ruin the illusion.  The trick is to stand with your feet touching each other, then keeping your one foot level, raise yourself slowly by standing on your other foot’s toes.

Balducci technique

Ask your audience to be quiet for a few seconds in order for you to “focus your energy”.  Slowly raise your arms from your sides as you raise yourself up a few inches.  The 45 degree angle that you are facing them will prohibit them from seeing what you are actually doing.  Long trousers like slightly wider jeans will greatly add to hiding the illusion, as this will cover the foot you are raising yourself up from.  Wait for a few seconds, then “return” back to the ground.  This will prevent the audience from figuring out what just happened as they will still be in shock of seeing an actual levitation.


This will take some practice to perfect.  Try this in front of some of your close friends or a mirror and see how well you can hide it.

Author: Shaun De Kock

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