How to make a cup of Tea

So you don’t know how to make tea, and there is nobody around to show you what to do,
Well then you have found the perfect How to make Tea guide, and I will help you to make tea fast and effectively.

1. So first things first, Find the kettle in your kitchen, and fill it up with water.
Remember that you only need enough water for the tea that you are going to make, so if you’re going to make three cups of tea,
then only add three cups of water into the kettle, this will help in bringing down your electrical bill that can sometimes be a shocker.

2. Switch on your kettle and bring it to a boil

3. If you have a auto switch-off kettle, wait for it to stop boiling, otherwise wait for the steam to blow out of the kettle top, and then switch it off.

4. Leave the kettle to settle wile you prepare your cup.

5. Place your tea bag flat on the bottom of the cup, and put the preferred amount of sugar on-top of the tea bag.

6. Now pour the settled water into the cup, aiming for the tea bag, make sure the water goes through the tea bag, as this will increase
the flavor released from it.

7. Now the decision of how strong you would like your tea to be is all yours, for normal strength tea, let the tea sit there for around 1 minute.
the stronger the tea need to be the longer you have to let it stand with the tea bag in the cup.

8. If you have reached your desired strength, use your spoon to lift the tea bag out of the cup, and grab hold of one of the bag’s corners.

9. Holding on the the one corner lift the bag out of the tea water and with the spoon squeeze the last bit of water our of it against the rim of the cup.

10. If you prefer milk in your tea, now is the time to add your milk into the tea mixture, don’t put too much milk in as this will make your tea too white and cold,
and also remove most of the tea flavor. ( You can drink your tea without milk if you want, but that all comes down to personal choice. It is also said that drinking
your tea without milk, has allot of health benefits. If you prefer not to drink with milk, and need to cool down the tea, you can use a little cold water just as you would use milk.)

11. Now stir your tea slowly and make sure all the sugar and milk ( if used ) is completely mixed and dissolved into the tea water mix.

12. Time to Enjoy your tea, go sit down and relax while sipping on your refreshing tea.

Have a great Tea Party !!!

Author: Johan Bosman

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