How to make Candles

How2 make Candles.


What you will need:


  • Electric Hotplate (ideally for safety you should use a double Boiler)

  • Kettle – in which to melt the wax

  • A thermometer

  • A Candle Mold

  • Candle Wax

  • Wick (which has been dipped in liquid wax)

  • Two sosatie sticks

  • Candle Dye

  • Large damp cloth


For Safety



Heat the candle wax gently and keep it away from any naked flames, otherwise there is a posibility for the wax to catch fire. Do not leave the wax unattended, If it catches fire you should smother the flames with a damp cloth – NEVER POUR ANY WATER ON THE FLAMES!!!


Making the Candle


Make a small hole in the bottom of your candle mold.

Melt the wax,  in the kettle, and add stearin (Stearic acid powder) 100 grams per Kg of wax.

Add dye to the wax and stir it until everything is nicely dissolved.

Pass a length of wick through the hole in the mold and secure it to one of the sosatie sticks,

Resting on the open end of the mold Pull the wick tight and seal the hole with some Prestick

Pour wax into mold at 80C (depending on air temperature)

Allow wax to cool – You will see that it sags – Pierce the surface and top up with wax. Do not fill above level of the first pour.

Repeat if necessary.

Allow to cool completely overnight




Remove Prestick and squeeze the mold to release the candle.

Invert the mold and gently tap on a hard surface.

If  it is necessary place the candle in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, which will increase  the contraction of the wax.

Cut the wick at the top  to about 1cm in length.

The Candle is now ready to be lit

Author: Johan Bosman

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