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Since the start of the internet people have been looking for ways to make money online.  Is this really possible? Most definitely.  Nowadays even school kids rake in thousands of dollars using nothing but their home computers and an internet connection.  Some ways to make money online take longer than others, and some ventures are more lucrative than others.  The trick is to decide what your specific skill set is and to utilize it to its fullest potential.  You may have a background in gardening, so you can create a website and fill it with content about gardening.  Then you monetize the site to make money.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Well, it is definitely possible, whether it is easy, well that’s up to the individual.  Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, or a netrepreneur (internet entrepreneur), this article will debunk and highlight some of the most common ways to make money online.


  • Make money online by reading E-mails

This is a really simple concept.  You sign up at a website that provides this opportunity, and they will send you advertisements in E-mail format.  They basically pay you to look at some or other company selling goods or providing a service.  The companies that advertise their goods pay the website for the advertising, and the website pays you to take a look at the adverts.  You will receive hundreds of emails to read, and you will have to click on a link in the email to prove that you have actually taken time to read the advert.  The amount paid to you for reading an email varies from company to company, but usually averages a few US dollar cents per email, ex $0.05.  Don’t expect to replace your existing income by reading 50 emails, but if you have the time then you might make a few extra bucks.


  • Make money online by taking part in “online surveys”

This varies from country to country.  Many of the surveys you will be taking part in only cater for U.S. citizens.  Some very popular companies make use of this to reach their target market more effectively.  We have participated in a survey once that was very simple, which do we like better; Coca cola, or Pepsi.  Your opinion matters.  Companies will go to great lengths to ensure their goods meet the requirements of consumers, so by making such surveys available, it saves their time by not recruiting someone to go out on the streets and ask passers-by what they think.  The pay isn’t that great though.  Most of the survey companies we have researched only pay about $5 per completed survey.  Some surveys take only 5 minutes to complete, some take 20 minutes.  You also have to complete a form upon sign-up to tell the survey company about your likes, dislikes, habits etc, to ensure the surveys you qualify for fall in your area of interest.  If they think you are the right person to raise your voice and offer your opinion, you might receive such surveys every day, or once a week, or once a month.


  • Make money online by writing

If you have good writing skills, you can make extra cash by writing articles, reviews or even short stories.  Many bloggers or webmasters outsource their content writing needs to anyone who can read, write and speak English properly and have certain expertise in certain areas.  You might know something about building a cabinet, wiring a house, baking a cake or designing a dress.  The payment varies greatly.  Some website owners will pay $10 per 400-800 word article, some offer $200 for a set of 10 articles about a provided topic.  The best place to look for such opportunities is freelance websites.  You can browse through hundreds of listings each offering payment for different writing needs.  Many companies offer free products for you to test and write a review about.  The nice thing is you get to keep the product most of the time after writing the review.  This includes writing movie, game and book reviews too.


  • Make money online by becoming a “blogger”

Blogging, or web-logging is like an online dairy.  You can write about anything your heart desires and then simply place ads on your blog.  Once people click on an advertisement, you make money.  The most popular ad supplier is undoubtedly Google’s Adsense.  This is extremely easy to set-up and you can be on your way to becoming a six figure blogger in a matter of minutes.  You just have to decide what your blog will be about.  You may want it to be about electric guitars or your day-to-day experiences, or you might want to sell your products or services using the blog.  If you fill the blog with unique content and market it properly, you can have your blog viewed by thousands and thousands of internet users.  Two well-known blog providers are Google’s Blogspot/Blogger, and .  Both are easy to use and come with great themes you can choose from.  The best part?  You don’t require any skills like webdesigning or coding.  Everything is done FOR you; you just have to choose your preferences.


  • Make money online by becoming an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing simply means you promote a company’s products/services, and get paid a commission fee upon making a sale.  These companies provide you with everything you may need to efficiently promote their products.  This includes banners, sales letters and a website to where you need to direct potential customers.  The most popular resource for finding these products is This is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  All you need to do is use the advertising material, advertise the product as well as you can, and receive you commission.  You can advertise in many different ways;  advertise the banners and links on your blog or website, place ads on classified ad sites, write articles about the product and submit to article directories (including a weblink to the product in your signature at the end of the article), create pages on social bookmarking websites, advertise using Facebook, buy an email list and sending it to them, etc.  Some school kids “out-earn” their parents’ salaries just by advertising certain products through affiliate marketing.  Some experienced affiliate marketers earn millions of dollars annually.


  • Make money online “working-from-home”

Much can be said and written about these type of opportunities.  So many of them are scams.  If you do however, manage to find a legitimate work from home opportunity, you can earn an extra income or even replace your existing one.  The internet is flooded with work from home opportunities, sifting through them can be tedious and time consuming.  Some companies require people to outsource their administrative jobs to around the world.  This can include transcription, compiling names and entering them into databases, advertising, processing applications and many more.  Please be careful when you are on the lookout for such opportunities, especially of companies which require an upfront fee.  Sadly many people are scammed and never receive anything in return, or they pay hundreds of dollars for worthless “training manuals”.  We have included five questions you can ask such a company to determine if it is legitimate.

  1. Is the company registered?
  2. Can the company provide a physical address?
  3. Do the owners make their details public and offer contact information?
  4. Are there people you can contact who have purchased or take part in this opportunity?
  5. Is there a refund policy?



Many other ways to make money online exist but these are the most popular and common.  Others include advertising in classified ads, commenting on and leaving an affiliate link, forum posting, selling goods on, creating an online eBook business, online gambling (which we don’t recommend), proofreading stories, beta testing games etc.


P.S.    IF you would like more information about a certain opportunity not listed in this article, please leave a comment and we will do the research for you!


Do you make money online?  Share your insights with us!  Tell us what you do and how you do it.


Author: Shaun De Kock

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