How to prank someone on April Fools Day

April Fools Day

April Fools Day

You have come to the write place if you were looking for some April Fools Pranks.

The Run a Way Dollar :

Tie a Dollar Bill to a piece of fishing line, then find a nice place to hide somewhere like a bush. Now wail for somebody to become your Victim. If someone spots the bill lying around, and reach to pick it up, pull the fishing line a few steps away, and see your victim running after it. Keep doing this until they figure out what is happening.

Sticky Dollar

Take a dollar coin and glue it somewhere on the floor in a mall or busy street. Sit close by with your video camera to be able to tell the story. Now watch as the victims try to pick it up.

Crazy Classic Shower Prank

This is a classic prank, Wait for your victim to take a shower, as soon as you hear the water running, sneak in and take their clothes and make sure to grab all the towels and anything that can be
used to cover your self. THEN RUN!!!

Powder Shower

If it is raining and an umbrella is going to be used by your victim, put some powder in their umbrella, close it and wait for the priceless moment when he/she opens the umbrella.

Salty Coffee

Replace the sugar with salt before the coffee is made, wait and see the surprised look when the first sip of the coffee is taken.

Door Splash

Balance a disposable glass of water on the top of a partially open door, wait for the victim to open the door and have a nice and funny splash of water.

Powder Dryer

If your victim is female, and using a hairdryer, make sure that you through some Baby Powder into the dryers nozzle. Stand close to see the shock when not only air leaves the dryer. lol.

April Fools Pop Out

Fill a box with ping pong balls or popcorn even confetti will work, place the box into a cupboard. Arrange the box so the box flap will fall open when the cupboard is opened. Carefully close the cupboard, and ask the victim to fetch something from that specific cupboard. Follow closely to see the surprise that will overcome them.

Dirty Shirt

Make a hole in a disposable glass, now offer the victim a drink, and watch while the refreshment drips on their shirt.

Clock Problems

Change all the clocks and watches in the house 2 ours later, when the victim wakes up, they will be running like crazy because they have overslept and is now late for school or work. lol.

Stripes Surprise.

This prank will only work in classrooms that have old-fashioned chalkboards and chalk erasers. Tuck a piece of chalk into the pads of the eraser. When the teacher tries to erase the board, he/she will get a Stripes surprise!

Black Eye’s lol.

Put a dark substance around the eyepiece of a pair of binoculars, like dark eye-shadow or black shoe polish. Hand them to your victim and point out something for them to look at in the distance.
Keep quiet and wait until somebody points it out or they see them self in the mirror.

If you know of any other pranks Please feel free to leave a comment.
Happy April Fools.

Author: Johan Bosman

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  1. Before one of your family members takes shower, remove the shower head and place a life-saver candy in it, replace the shower head with the candy now trapped in it. When the person takes a shower he or she will not notice, until they get out and start to dry off the towel will stick to them they will get back in the shower to rinse off… works like a charm.

  2. Get a small alarm clock and set it for 3:00 a.m. Sneak under the victim’s bed. Once it goes off, he/she won’t be able to find it will drive them nuts.

  3. Try this one, I have done this once. Glue some eggs to the carton and beg for eggs in the morning and say you are very hungry. When the victim tries to remove the eggs, they will break. lmao!!

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