How to raise your HDL (good) cholesterol

If you have less than 40 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) of HDL (good) cholesterol, you risk your chance of developing heart disease by as much as 3 times due to clogged arteries.  Although some changes in your lifestyle might bring about in increase in HDL cholesterol (small but there), we recommend you use as many methods as possible to reap the most benefits.  Bump up your HDL cholesterol with these 6 tips in order to ease the pressure off of your heart.


  1. 1. Drink moderately

By moderately we mean 2 units of alcohol a day.  Netherland researchers found that folks who drank only 2 units of alcohol a day increased their HDL level by 12 percent after 3 weeks of this routine.  Stop at two though otherwise the risks out-weight the benefits.


  1. Take a Calcium supplement

Shoot for 1000mg per day of this supplement and you could see your HDL cholesterol rise by 7 percent.  The way it does this is by interfering with the absorption of fat from your diet and it also decreases the overall fat mass of your body, both will boost your HDL levels.  To increase the absorption of calcium, combine it with 400 international units of Vitamin D.  Choose a brand that contains calcium citrate, not coral calcium.


  1. 3. Exercise your lower body

It’s common knowledge that exercise will do your cholesterol levels good.  But researchers from Ohio university found that men who trained their lower bodies- squats, leg extensions and leg presses- twice a week for 16 weeks- had a 19 percent raise in HDL cholesterol.


  1. Eat Macadamia nuts

If you consume only 12-16 nuts a day, you raise your HDL cholesterol by 8 percent.  The reason being that Macadamia nuts contain the highest amounts of monounsaturated fat (good fat) of all nuts.


  1. 5. Eat more fish

Researchers in Canada found that in a steady diet of fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, people experienced a 26 percent increase in HDL2 (a protective form of HDL cholesterol), in comparison to people consuming more chicken and lean beef.  Always choose grilled or baked fish instead of fried.  The fried fish may contain counteracting unhealthy fats.


  1. 6. Look for Policosanol

This is a mixture of alcohols derived from sugarcane wax.  This supplement is amazing due to its ability to raise HDL cholesterol by a whopping 15 percent when a measly 10-20mg per day is consumed.  If you are strolling down the health isle and are looking for this supplement, look for a product named Cholesterex.


Author: Shaun De Kock

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