How to relieve pain (most common ailments)


Pain is your body’s way of telling you that health trouble has arrived.  Although after delivering the message, the pain sometimes lingers…Take care of the most common ailments by reading below.


  • How to relieve the pain of a scorched mouth

It’s really painful when hot foods meet your palate unexpectedly.  The reason is that the tissue in the roof of your mouth is very thin and sensitive.  Suck on an ice cube to stop the pain.  This will numb the area and also stop it from swelling.  If you have oral-use topical anaesthetics handy like throat sweets, this will help as well.  If the ice cube didn’t work, rinse your mouth with a solution of salt water (about quarter of a teaspoon) to prevent infection, just don’t swallow it.  Keep in mind that microwave heated food are heated from the inside out, so while the outside might feel just right, the inside might be scorching hot.  Let it rest for a few minutes.


  • How to relieve the pain of heartburn

Usually this is caused due to stomach acid that spills into you oesophagus.  There are a few things you can do here.  One is to drink milk.  Milk is a natural alkaline and will neutralize the acid that is burning your throat like a forest fire.  Many over-the-counter ant-acids are available which you can chew or drink.  Speaking of chew; studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum after eating a high fat meal, will result in less acid reflux by generating enough saliva to push the acid back down.  IF the problem persists you might have gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as GORD.  It is best to hurry to your doctor because GORD can lead to oesophageal cancer.  You can also try and prevent it altogether at night.  When you go to bed, sleep a little higher in order for the acid to work against gravity.  If you’re a smoker? Quit.  Nicotine tends to relax the oesophageal sphincter valve (the muscle at the end of the oesophagus allowing acid to enter it.


  • How to relieve the pain of haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids simply mean that the veins in and around your anus are irritated and swollen.  You can get a non-prescription ointment at your local pharmacy or drug store which you need to apply in the mornings, after each bowel movement and at night.  You may require surgery if the pain persists for 2 weeks on end.  How do you prevent haemorrhoids?  Consume at least 25 grams of fibre per day, and remember to drink 8 glasses of water.


  • How to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome

What happens when you have carpal tunnel syndrome, is a nerve running from your forearm to your wrist gets squeezed or inflamed within the narrow passageway of ligament and bone at the base of the hand.  Wearing a wrist splint while typing, driving and at night, will help ease the pain.  Try to prevent further compression and irritation of the nerve by keeping your wrist neutral.  If this doesn’t help you, you may need to see a doctor.  He then will refer you to a hand surgeon who will either inject corticosteroids into the carpal tunnel to reduce swelling, or perform surgery to correct the problem.  When you type a lot on a keyboard, set it at a height that allows your hand to work in a straight or neutral position.  The nerve will be pressurized if you bend your hand too far backwords or forwards.


  • How to relieve the pain of sunburn

If you stay too long in the sun, the ultraviolet rays can inflame skin cells and irritate nerves.  Your body then sends reinforcements;  blood-borne repair cells and nutrients.  This cause the rise in temperature of the skin normally associated with sunburn.  This is where you ask yourself in agonizing pain: “WHY didn’t I remember the darn sunbock?!”.   A clinical dermatologist, Dr Adnan Nasir, says you can reduce inflammation by taking 500 milligrams of Ibuprofen, and by applying a cool, wet cloth on the skin.  Try to get your hands on skin lotion that contains glycerine (glycerine is used in burn centres) and slather yourself with it. He says that nerves exposed to air hurt.  Pop the lotion in the freezer for 10 minutes to aid the cooling effect.  You also have to take some vitamin A (900 mcg) and vitamin E (15mg) every day for twee weeks after you got burned, because sunburn creates damaging molecules called free radicals, which damage cells, and more damaged cells, equals more pain.  These vitamins will act as free-radical scavengers.


Interesting fact: some blood pressure medication and certain antibiotics increase your sensitivity to the sun.  So read the lables!


  • How to relieve the pain of a migraine/headache

It’s due to changes in brain chemicals that activate neuropeptides that invades the brains covering that, result in increased blood flow and inflammation.  These headaches that throb and pulse may last for hours or even days.  Take some caffeine with your painkillers because the caffeine will help your body will help absorb the pain relieving ingredients faster.  Lay on a couch with a pack of frozen peas across your neck for about 10-15 minutes to alleviate the pain.  If you have migraine attacks often, you should speak to your doctor about medication called triptans, which are migraine specific drugs.  Add some magnesium (600mg) and riboflavin (400mg vitamin B2) to your daily vitamin intake.  Low magnesium levels have been linked with migraine attacks, and the riboflavin will cut your daily migraine attacks in half.


  • How to relieve the pain of a toothache


Nerve exposure.  That is what toothache really is.  Plaque filled with bacteria settled on your tooth, and have been feasting away on sugars and other carbohydrates you consumed.  The cavity which formed due to acid-by products allowed bacteria to invade the tissues and nerves inside, causing a painful infection.  Rinse your mouth with luke warm salt solutions 3 times a day to disinfect the tooth, and take some Ibuprofen to alleviate the pain and inflammation.  Call your dentist to prescribe some antibiotics for you if you can’t see him immediately.  The only options you have when toothache hits, is to have a root canal performed, or have the tooth pulled.  Brush your teeth after every meal, but don’t overdo it because excessive brushing can scrape away your tooth enamel, allowing more exposure to sugars and carbohydrates to eat away at it.


Interesting fact: if you drink your sugar-filled fizzy drinks, use a straw.  This will bypass your teeth.



  • How to relieve lower-back pain

This is one I have been struggling with quite some time.  The pain is sometimes unbearable.  The main culprit is muscle strain.  Nerve endings are activated by the micro tears in your back muscles which release chemicals.  Again, drug of choice here, Ibuprofen.  Take it easy for a few days and heat the area for about 10-15 minutes.  This will alleviate the pain by increasing the blood flow to the area and help flush away those chemicals that activate the nerve endings.  Go see your doctor if the pain persists for 2 weeks.  He might recommend physical therapy, deep tissue injection or even surgery.  Here’s a tip: do hamstring stretches if possible.  Tight hamstring muscles tend to pull on the small postural muscles of the lower back, causing pain.


Author: Shaun De Kock

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