How to reset your Nokia

How To reset your Nokia

When you have problems with your nokia phone for example you get a new message but it doesn’t make any tone or doesn’t show ”1 new message” there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

These steps can also be taken if your phone freeze or have other issues. Remember that when your phone freeze, other things may cause the problem.

First of all visit the nokia website and see if there are any software updates for your nokia phone. If not make a backup of all your contacts and important information.

The first thing to try if there is no software update or if the software update did not solve the problem is to switch of your phone and take out the battery and memory card. Leave it like that for 3 hours (maybe put your sim in another phone) and then switch it back on.

The next step is if all of the above didn’t work, reset your factory settings, the default security codes are 1234, 12345, 0000, 00000. One of them should work if the code was not changed.

If the problem is still there take out your sim, make sure you backed up everything as you will loose everything. Take out the memory card and switch the phone off for 20 seconds.

Press and hold the green dail button, the * (asterix) and number 3 together and don’t let them go. While holding them in let someone press the power button to switch on the phone or put it on a table still holding in those 3 buttons.

The phone will turn on, don’t let go off the buttons until you see a screen asking you to type in your country. If you don’t see that switch the phone off again for 10 seconds and try again. When and only when you see the country menu release the buttons and choose your country, date and time and the phone will be as it came out in the factory.

All data will be lost but this solves all your problems, give it a try and it will work again. Switch your phone off one more time, but back your memory card and sim and contacts and you are ready to go. All you need to do now is change the settings and profile the way you like it.

Author: Johan Bosman

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