How to survive a bee attack

Ok so one fine day your just strolling along and suddenly, you hear a loud buzzzzing noise.
At first you might think good old neighbor Ted just fired up his buzz saw.
But, if you’re not home and somewhere in the bush or jungle, ha-ha, you might have some problems.

You might in actual fact be stinging distance away from a nest.
If you happen to stumble upon a “yellow-jacket” nest (hopefully not! As these guys can hit a top speed of  96 miles per hour/60 kilometers per hour when really feeling endangered !),
back  off!
Too late?  Run!

I spoke to an entomologist and he recommends you go like greased lightning as quickly as you realize you might be in trouble, that’s 3rd only to conveniently having a can of Bug-Dead handy, or a water
source like a lake, river or pond nearby.  But then again, what’s in that water?  I have to write another post all together on that topic!  Anyhow.. Once you start running and begin to move away far enough from the nest (so they won’t perceive you as a threat anymore), they will no longer be on your tail.

surviving a bee attack

A Honey Bee

Although they might seem to be out on revenge, they are not, they are just protecting their “family” , just like you would if you saw something 100 times your size approaching your home!  If they do manage to get a few shots in, put some salt and a little water on your skin to help with the venom extraction.



Author: Johan Bosman

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