How to survive a snake bite

How to survive a snake bite

Snake Bite

First try to avoid being bitten all together.  Here is how to avoid a snake bite.

  • Stop, and stand dead still.  Snakes aren’t aggressive and will try to avoid a confrontation with an object as large as you.  Even if you move backward, the snake might get a fright.  Yes, the snake can be even more frightened than you and we all know that the best offence is sometimes the best defense.
  • If it moves towards you, this might not be the snake attacking; you might just be standing in the way of the snakes’ shortest route to its burrow.  Don’t be alarmed.
  • If it rears up and opens a “hood”, close your eyes and mouth, because this might be a spitting cobra or some similar species.  The venom could be very toxic if it comes in contact with your eyes, mouth or open cuts.
  • Wait till the snake is gone before moving.


Ok, so the abovementioned did not work, and you got bitten.  Here’s how to survive a snake bite.

  • Try to remain calm.  Take slow deep breathes.  Look for any markings on the snake, look at its head size, look at the colors, this description will help the medical personnel identify the snake and give you the correct anti-venom.
  • Do not be a hero.  We’ve all heard this before, but seriously, do not try and catch the snake or kill it for revenge filled purposes.  Multiple snake bites will only make matters worse.
  • Take a piece of cloth (or if you have bandage handy) and wrap it moderately tightly (as if you were bandaging a strain) from the bite mark as high up the limb as possible.
  • Observe any symptoms, such as extreme pain, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision or difficulty breathing.  If any symptoms appear, call emergency services.  If you have no signal on your cell phone or mobile, send back someone to call as soon as they get a signal.  Time is of the essence.
  • While you wait, move as little as possible.  Do not consume any food or alcohol, water is fine.  Elevate the bitten limb and be ready to apply CPR (if you’re the lucky one that hasn’t been bitten)

Author: Johan Bosman

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