How to treat a wound or cut

Even the smallest wound that you get requires some care to avoid infection and to make sure it heals properly.
After you sustained a cut or a wound and the bleeding is controlled, and you notice that you don’t need stitches or a doctor to look at it,
the following will help you treat the wound all by yourself :

Expose the wound and then wash your hands.
Fill a bowl or a tub with warm soapy water prepared with disinfecting soap if possible.
Using a clean face cloth or newly opened surgical sponge, wash the skin around the wound.
Work outwards from the wound to avoid contamination.
If you are going to use a face cloth, wash it in a disinfectant soap before use.

Now you have to wash the wound entirely.
Continues rinsing of the wound with the soapy water is much more effective and also gentler than scrubbing the wound.

Getting out the deep dirt

When dirt is deeply embedded in a skin tear or puncture, keep on rinsing the wound for at 10 to 20 minutes and make sure it is entirely clean.
Now remove any visible splinters or grit with tweezers.
Sterilize the tweezers by boiling them for a few minutes or you can heat the ends with a lighter or match until it is red from the heat.
If using a lighter or a match you have to wipe off the carbon with a clean cloth.
Remove the dirt you can easily see and pick out, and don’t make the wound bigger or deeper by probing for dirt. Never squeeze a the wound when cleaning it, as this can spread any infection.

Check the wound daily during the next few days, changing the bandage after each inspection.
Excessive pain or swelling, redness or a red streak leading from the wound may indicate infection or the presence of something still stuck in it.
See your doctor if the wound is very deep as you might need to get stitches, or if any signs of infection appear.

With a deep wound, there is always the danger of developing infection, so always keep it clean.

Author: Johan Bosman

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