How to understand brainwaves

How 2 understand brainwaves and How does brainwaves work.

What is brainwaves ?

First of all you must understand that the brain is an electrochemical organ and that it sends out energy / electricity. This electrical activity is called brainwaves and you get 4 main types of brain waves or brain states.


When you are awake and you are engaging in activities like working, talking and all day things your brain is in the Beta brainwave state. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second. Beta is the fastest of all the brainwaves and varies from 14 – 50 cycles per second. This concludes that you are in Beta state most of the day while working and while you are busy with your daily activities. A high Beta is also known to cause panic and stress.

The next Brainwave we will talk about is the Alpha Brain wave state. Alpha is higher in amplitude than Beta and Alpha is a more relaxed state of mind. When you meditate or relax in a warm bath with candles and your eyes closed you can reach alpha states. Alpha ranges from 9 – 14 cpc (cycles per second).  As you can see the borderline between Alpha and Beta states are at 14 CPC.

Theta is the next brainwave state with cycles between 5 and 8. In Theta you will be day dreaming, and you can start experiencing body unawareness. When you go into deep Theta states you can even feel your head spinning. There are also reports of people experiencing lucid dreams, out of body experiences and more when in deep Theta states. Sometimes when you feel like you are awake but you are actually asleep you might be in Theta.

The last main brainwave state is Delta state. This brainwave state is from 0 – 4 cpc but never goes to 0 for you will be brain dead. At these levels when people can keep their mind awake which is extremely difficult you can have near death experiences. Both in Theta and Delta you can have Hallucinations.

You will go from Beta to Alpha to Theta and Delta and back when you sleep. Brainwaves can be measured.

When you go deeper into the study of brainwaves you will see that you can go to random brainwave states at will or by using music and other ways called brainwave entertainment. By going to a specific brainwave state at will you can go into an instant relaxing brainwave state or go to Alpha for creativity, visualization etc.

You can go into Theta for meditation where the body releases endorphins, all of this causes the need for less sleep and is believed to make one peaceful and overall more relaxed and less stressed.

When your body is in Delta , your body is healing itself. If you go even deeper you can divide Beta into another category called Gamma waves, this specific article won’t go into Gamma waves.

Some people use brainwave entertainment, acoustic waves, mind movies, and many other ways to induce a specific brainwave state or altered states of consciousness for specific reasons.

Author: Johan Bosman

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  1. Hands down, the best site that I have ever found in years. thank you guys for all the info and hard work.

  2. Hands down, the best site that I have ever found in years. thank you guys for all the info and hard work.

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