How to write a CV (curriculum vitae)

Your CV is a reflection of you and what you can do and what you have achieved. If this is done the right way it can in some cases give you the job before the interview. The interview is the second important factor in getting a job.

There is actually no right or wrong way in doing a CV. As long as it contains all the important information in as little as possible pages. Never make a 10 page CV. You want short points of what is important.

Info and Structure :

  • Most Cv’s have your personal details at the top. Include only what is necessary your name, surname, Id Number, contact details, marital status, Physical address. Don’t include things like all 50 children’s names and telephone numbers. Only crucial info about yourself, anything more than that is ”rubbish” in the eyes of the employer.
  • All qualifications that you have. Starting with the latest at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Include what you have achieved as well as the date and at what university and/or collage.
  • Your experience. Putting the latest once again on top. Put much more effort and detail into your latest jobs. In short keywords describing what you have done, what your job title was, references (you can also put ”available on request” here), why you left and how long you have been employed there.

Make sure to keep everything short and neat and categorize everything together first personal info, then your qualifications, then your work experience etc.

  • Structure your Cv around the job that you apply for, if you are applying for a data capture job for example – make sure that you put all your strong points and data capture experience, skills and qualifications in almost ”showing off” that you are more than capable of being a data capturer.
  • Lastly in short your interests and hobbies.

You will restructure these according to the job you will be applying for

Final Notes

  • Never include your current Payments as you would like more
  • Your Cv must be printed on A4 paper in big enough e.g. Point size 12-14. Use black ink and make sure it is clean and readable. You can put a front page with a simple border as well but this is not necessary.
  • Some people add photo’s to their cv which is also not a necessity
  • Instead of typing “… I was working at a bank and did counting of money there and security work…” in short banking, security officer.
  • Never state something that is false or incorrect.
  • Be prepared to answer all kinds of questions about what you did with a previous job, explaining time gaps in your Cv etc

Author: Johan Bosman

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