How to Write Effective Articles?

If you need to write articles, you should know the basics in order to make it effective and informative. Quality articles require adequate research and the best writing skills. If you’re wondering how to write effective articles, you will have to begin with the research. Regardless of the topic that you’re planning to focus on, you have to thoroughly research the topic.

Working on the article is different. It can be great challenge especially if you’re new to writing. To write effectively, you should work on the outline. Basically, the article should contain the headline, intro, body, and conclusion. You can also include a resource box especially if you plan to submit it to article directories.

The headline must be catchy. It should be able to capture the attention of your targeted reader. For this, you can write your own experience and relate it to the problem. The solutions can now be discussed inside the body. It’s best if you separate the potential solutions into paragraphs. Each paragraph should compose of about five lines. Don’t make it too lengthy because it will appear boring.

When you divide the body into several shorter paragraphs, it comes easier to read. Once all the solutions are presented, you can now work on the conclusion. The conclusion is simply the brief summary of the article.

If you want, you can also include the resources where you’ve obtained most of the valuable information. The resource box is placed at the bottom. This is where you can introduce yourself or the business, together with the link to your newsletter or site. This is ideal for those with websites. You can easily point the readers to your website if they are interested in your business or the info that you can provide.

Make sure that you have a distinct style when it comes to writing articles. Make it casual or informal, more like a conversational style. This will make it easier for readers to relate to the topic. Write continuously and don’t worry about the mistakes. You can check it later on. Just focus on writing because this is where you can incorporate most of your ideas.

After writing the article, you should rest. You can do this for a couple of hours. Some writers even leave the article for a few days before they read it once more. Read it carefully and if you want, you can add more points if you think that they are still needed.

Start checking the article for mistakes on grammar and spelling. There are tools that you can use like spell checkers. After you’ve examined it, have a friend or family member read the article. You have to ask for their honest feedback so that you can make the necessary corrections when needed.

The final step is to format the article. When submitting to publications, the sentences should be at least 60 to 65 words for every line. Make sure that you follow the tips carefully and you will be able to write the best articles.

Author: Johan Bosman

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