Learn Professional Makeup Tips and Look Gorgeous

You might be asking yourself how to do professional makeup ?

There are occasions when you want to look stunningly beautiful and want to turn eyes on you. It takes neither much of time nor efforts to look great only when you know how to do professional make-up. There is nothing much to learn in it and if you follow a few simple steps you can get great results and can be as good as a professional make-up artist.


As a first step, determine the skin type you have. There are different skin types like oily, dry and scaly, moisturized etc. After you have done a preliminary analysis of your skin you can then go in for the products that suit the type of skin you have. Before you start applying makeup it is important to wash your face and hands properly. It is better to cleanse your face thoroughly before you start. If you can get the facial done then it is better. A cleansing mask can be used. Those who have acne can use antibacterial soap.


Apply the toner with the help of damp cotton all over the face. Applying toner over your face will revive the PH level of your skin. In order to look gorgeous begin with cleansing your face thoroughly, then apply toner and finally the moisturizer. When you are ready to apply makeup then first of all apply moisturizer to your face irrespective of the skin type you have to make your skin smoother. Hang on for 10-15 minutes so that it gets completely absorbed to your skin.


Once you have applied moisturizer to your face then it is time for you to apply foundation primer. This will smooth your skin further which in turn makes the application of foundation even easier. Applying foundation primer will help your makeup last longer. As a next step, apply sheer foundation to match the type of skin tone you have. It is better to use foundation without SPF to avoid extra flash on your face. You can get hold of sheer foundation from the departmental store nearby your house.


Next, apply illuminator of a branded company on your face. This will help your skin to radiate and appear younger. Skin illuminator comes in powders and creams etc and it reflects even the tiniest particle of your face. Refrain from using matte or dull make up. Then use a makeup wedge or a foundation brush and begin about the hairline and getting down. Do not forget to apply makeup to the area of your throat to get uniformity or else it would appear as a mask on your face.


Take extra precaution in the areas around your eyes. Here, very light strokes are to be done and that too inwards only. This is the area where foundation is strongly prohibited. Choose the foundation as per the skin texture you have. Also, take care to apply makeup above your eyes as this is a very delicate and sensitive area. To conceal the flaws of skin, applying congealer becomes all the more important. Wherever you have blemishes or spots, you can apply congealer there. The vulnerable areas are around the nostrils and under the eyes so make it a point to apply congealer in these areas. Apply congealer here and with the help your finger, blend it properly. Congealer is to be applied after the foundation. You can blend the congealer with the help of wedge also. Look at the mirror to find out whether it has blend well with the foundation that you have applied. If you have lots of blemishes on your face then you can pat green congealer and can put foundation over it.


Use a powder brush to apply powder all over your face. Make sure to take just the right amount of powder on the brush and with the help of brush, apply it all over the face uniformly. Besides this, you can apply a bronzer to your cheeks, chin and forehead etc. Apply light powder on all the prominent areas of your face like cheek bones and brow bones to highlight them. Take care to blend the colors with the help of wedge.


Eyes are the most appealing area of your face and hence the vital most to be apply makeup. Begin with lining your eyes. Line your eyes either with black or brown liner. To apply liner, it is better to use angle brush. For eye shadow, there are generally 2 or 3 colors. Apply the lighter tone for the eyelid and the darker color is for the crease beneath the eye bone. Be careful in applying eyebrow pencil color and use the pencil color that exactly matches the color of your brow. There are several choices for eye mascara. Look down and apply mascara to eyelash with upward strokes. Let it dry and then apply it on the bottom eyelids.


For makeup of lips, begin with lining your lips that matches the lip color that you are going to apply and use a sharpened lip liner to line your lips. Once you have applied lip pencil, then you should rub the lips together so that it reaches to inner side of your lips too. Lip color should be applied with help of a brush so that it spreads uniformly. Once you have painted your lips, blot them with the help of a tissue for a lasting lip make up.


Lastly, use pressed powder and apply it beneath your eyes and rest of the areas so that the makeup appears to be more natural. Always remember that even the lady with the most ordinary looks can look to be super gorgeous only if she knows how to do professional make up at home.

Author: Johan Bosman

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