How to become a locksmith

Locks are available in different sizes and shapes. As the technology has enhanced, so now we have electronic locks which work on retinal scanning. It will not be incorrect to say that good quality minimal locks are also able to defeat intruders. Similar is the case with locks that we use to lock are doors. Locks are the basic requirements to keep a place safe and insured and so is the need of a locksmith. Locksmiths were in great demand earlier and now also their demand continues. A locksmith is a person who is skilled in the art of breaking and making locks. They also provide locks for keys as well as keys for locks. They are the ones who provide safety to each and every part of your house, office, garage, or any other important place. There are some locksmiths who are specialist in making certain types of locks.


The tasks which a locksmith should be well versed in are given below-:


  • They should be capable of dealing with all types of lock and key issues.
  • They should know about the latest technologies which are being used for making locks and keys these days.
  • They should be able to replace lost keys as well as create duplicate keys of existing ones.
  • They should be able to repair locks which have been worn out or are damaged.
  • They should know how to fit different types of locks based on the requirement of the customers.
  • They have to be skilled in putting door bolts so as to provide extra safety to locking points.
  • They need to know how to renovate locks which are built-in the doors.
  • They must have a supply of all parts related to locks like damaged frames, split doors, etc.
  • They should be available all the time so as to provide service in emergency situations.
  • They should know the art of breaking locks without causing damage to the door.
  • They need to know how to install security systems like grilles, bars, alarm systems, CCTV, and so on.
  • They need to have a locksmith license which is issued by MLA or master locksmith’s association which promotes and sets standards of practice, conduct and material for this trade.


It is not simple how to become a locksmith. It requires a lot of understanding, skills, and willingness to learn and master this art. Locksmiths can be placed in shops, vehicles, or they can create their own organization and work. This trade has many specializations like safe technician, master key system specialist, and so on. For specific jobs, there are specific courses which an individual willing to become a Locksmith has to undergo. There are many institutes worldwide which offer courses for locksmiths. The individual will first have to register themselves for the course which they want to specialize in. The duration of the course will vary from institute to institute. Some institutes may complete this course in one year’s time or some may take longer time.


There are many institutes which provide online training but it is advised to join a regular college so that you come to know about all the niches in this trade. The course will include theory as well as practical. More emphasis is given to practical because after all practical study is what helps more than theoretical study. The course fee is not very much and it can also vary from college to college. Once, your course is completed, you will be asked to give a general Locksmiths exam. This exam is conducted by a state body where all the locksmith students are asked to give the exam. Only after clearing this exam you will get a valid certificate. Some institutes provide on-campus placement which means that companies that deal in locksmith business will come to the institute, conduct an exam and select students for job. There are many off-campus recruitments for locksmiths also.


Anyway, once you have completed the certification course, then chances of getting a good salary job will increase. The freshers are offered packages starting with Euro 13000 per year or more. Once you gain experience, then you can start your own organization or work under some reputed organization offering a package more that Euro 25000 per year or even more. Your salary will depend on your skill set as well as on your experience. The more experienced you become, the higher salary you are offered.


In general, a locksmith is required to work about 30 to 40 hours a week. This can include weekends and evenings as well. They have to be prepared for emergency cases because emergency cases give them a chance to show their skills and talent. The course will start with theoretical teachings and traditional ways of making and breaking locks and keys. After sometime, you will study about the latest technologies which are used for creating locks and keys. Once your course is completed, you will be assigned a project which can be a simple project or a real time project. You have to show your talent and knowledge here. Apart from knowing the art of dealing with locks and keys, there are some extra skills which every locksmith needs to know.


  • They should have good practical skills.
  • They have to be good with their communication skills and customer-care skills.
  • They should have a patient approach towards their goal.
  • They should have the ability to understand even the finest details of their work or the task given to them.
  • They should have excellent problem solving skills.
  • They also need to have some interest in mechanical and electronic equipments.


For every aspiring locksmith, it is important to know the right opportunity and how to give their best when given a chance to showcase their talent. Locksmith trade is all about practical knowledge and practical approach so one has to be very good in it, only then they can get excellent jobs.

Author: Johan Bosman

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