Getting Started with Yoga

How to do yoga ?

Yoga is an ancient Indian term which is a collection of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines for remaining fit by regular practicing. Inclusion of yoga in one’s daily routine leads to a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. It is considered to be one of six schools of Hindu philosophy and can help reduce obesity if done properly.


Getting started with yoga is not a difficult task; it takes usually less time than other rigorous exercises and even causes less fatigue. The essence lies in just doing the right thing with sole determination and without disturbance. Following are some basic rules which must be followed for a good and fruitful yoga routine:


  • Learning the steps- It’s always better to get instructed by some experienced person practicing yoga from a long time, necessarily not a professional instructor but any friend, relative or colleague can help who knows the right steps and their effects. This also helps one to master the steps without errors.


  • Getting started – Now get some basic things like a yoga mat, comfortable clothes and most important is a time slot in which regularity can be maintained without disturbance.


  • Warming Up – Prior to any physical workout, a warm up session is important. A few minutes of some basic practices help your body and mind adapt to the environment better. Remember always to start slowly with basic steps of yoga, don’t try too hard on the first day or else one might end up in pain.


  • Breathe well and strengthen the legs – A lot of proper breathing is required for yoga, take sufficient amount of air going to the ribs and lungs, hold for some time and release, it actually stimulates various systems of the body with proper oxygen supply. Most exercises require the movement and support of legs so try to start with those steps in which legs are used.


  • Being at ease and relaxing – Never try those steps which are not comfortable in beginning because it can lead to some serious injuries. Every exercise has a fixed relaxation time also, don’t ever try to skip that, and always take a gap between steps.


  • Record the proceedings – Always keep an eye on what is the aim and what is to be done for that. There are so many yoga poses and each one is not required to be done by everybody. So choose your steps and always match it with the set criteria.


  • Intermediate inspection – Try to check out whether the main target is being fulfilled or not because if it’s not giving results, there might be something wrong being done. If possible, get charts having all the 440 primary poses displayed along with their effects.


  • Don’t expect a miracle – Yoga requires a lot of patience. No one should expect to get slimmer after few days of yoga; it’s a gradual process and gradually shows up with constant practice.


  • Yoga learning materials – One can get some DVD or a book containing yoga practices with videos or picture illustrations also.

Author: Johan Bosman

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