How to become a swat member

SWAT or “Special Weapons and Tactics” is a highly specialized entity run by law enforcement members. Swat team is actually a privileged group of veteran and highly skilled individuals possessing rescue tactics, medical expertise and firearms. SWAT members are responsible for managing hostage negotiations and riots that can surpass the scope of standard law enforcement practice. Originally, SWAT team was organized in metropolitan areas. Later on, many law enforcement bureaus had tactical teams to deploy the situation. When situation goes out of the control of law enforcement members, then SWAT officers are appointed to deal with the matter because of their vast expertise.


Function of SWAT Member:


“Special Weapon and Tactics”, also popular as SWAT are trained members having potency to deal with highly perilous circumstances that sometimes go beyond the control of other police officers. Other than hostage rescues, this team helps individuals prevail over risky situations. This is the leading cause why SWAT members are also invoked to cope with counter-terrorism approach. Swat members are equipped with high-powered weapons and they are normally called up when law-enforcement officers come upon profoundly armed criminals. Most people today explore online sites to know “how to become a swat member”, as this position brings respect and loyalty towards other citizens.


About Its Establishment:


SWAT team was traced back to “Los Angeles Police Department” in the year 1967. In the very beginning, SWAT team was organized with an aim to limit casualties with police offers during shoot-outs. By the end of 1960s, Swat team covered up all the major cities of United States to comply with situations of growing protest. Normally, traditional protest groups used sophisticated techniques for protest and there are times when police officers feel an urgent requisite to hire swat members in local as well as state law-enforcement agencies. Until now, law enforcement keeps on exploiting state of the art high-tech weaponry and training.


Unique Traits of SWAT Team:


Swat members are specially trained officials hired to deal with high-tech weapons and have an access to modern equipment that probably supports them in performing their task efficiently. Other than sophisticated weaponry, these team members are actually highly trained and veteran law-enforcement officers. Swat members undergo a meticulous training regimen including physical, written test, oral and psychological exam. To be a member of swat team, it is very imperative to lay emphasis on physical exercise, as most of the tactical jobs require agility and great stamina. At the end, members selected for swat team becomes sharpshooters, which is very important to protect common people against snipers. Most people today in United States want to apply for swat, but they are not actually accustomed with “how to become a swat member”.


Tag Along Some Useful Tips To Become A SWAT Member:


The first and most imperative step is to acquire a college degree that is often required by some jurisdictions to permit you go on with further steps. Even if college degree is not so important to apply for swat officer, then it can be beneficial for you to advance into better position as SWAT officer. You can also explore the official website of police department to accustom yourself on how to become a swat member.


When considering procuring a designation as law-enforcement officer, it is very essential to comply with minimum standards of application procedure. However, these standards normally differ from one agency to other but typical requirements involve an age limit of 21-years and citizenship of United States. Other decisive requirements come up with a clean illicit background and a high-school diploma.


It is very imperative for law enforcement officers to illustrate their potency of handling demands of job simply by passing necessary tests. Mental stability, stamina, agility, vision, hearing, physique, psychological conditions and strength are some of the important factors that are essential to pass eligibility criteria.


To have admittance to Swat Team, you can apply for the opening in Police Department. Most of the departments require a minimum of three years of service term as police officer prior to approving your application for Swat Team.


Moreover, you can also enquire about opening of SWAT Team after spending three years of service as patrol officer. By applying for this opening, you are actually applying from outside department. However, you are not hired directly as SWAT member simply because of your service at police department.


On the other hand, you are also required to pass a number of physical tests after your selection as a candidate. Physical fitness examination includes timed runs, situps, pushups, sprints and weightlifting exercises. You may be asked to perform a number of repetitive tasks, meet the limits of suggested time and lift required amount of mass to clear the test.


Other procurement steps come up as firearms test, as police department examine candidates on diverse skills that includes rapid fire, shooting on move and shoot at targets. In addition to this, you must boast your knowledge about mechanism of different guns and other weaponry.

Another step involves interview with review board that further helps the interviewer have a proper know-how of your ability. Whether your personality matches with their desires or not, it is your thinking powers that can help you get selected for swat team.


This selection procedure also requires you to undergo psychological evaluation, as it highlights your capability to handle traumatic situation, disclose your self-confidence and reveals your potency to work as a team.


After Selection Procedure:


Once hired for Swat team, you can attend the police academy for training that includes physical, training, classroom instruction and other stimulation training. Some of the common topics covered at academy include firearms, investigation techniques, report writing, cultural sensitivity, law, driving, tactics and communication. For promotion to sweat team, you are required to have a sound background on service term and be an esteemed member of law enforcement team. Resilience of swat members reveals their positive attitude towards job and living.

Author: Johan Bosman

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