Things To Do To Become A Cameraman

How to become a cameraman : 

Being a cameraman is one of the most popular career choices. There are many who want to pursue this profession but lack guidance and do not know the about the requisite qualification where to pursue it and the career avenues. Today’s era is the era of visual media and therefore being a cameraman is the sought after career choice that opens up a lot of exciting avenues. Those who want to become a cameraman can enter into the fascinating world of television broadcasting industry.


To become a cameraman is not an easy task indeed and one needs to be professionally qualified and trained for it. Given here are some of the steps which would guide all the camera lovers to gain the skill of capturing this visual and becoming a successful cameraman.


Know your camera:

As the first and foremost step to become a professional cameraman is to know your camera well, so, whatever video camera you have, you should know it well before you start to shoot. The basic things that you should learn about the camera are its shutter speed, lighting and many more things. To know your camera well, you can read the manual. Also, the more you use your camera the more you would come to know about it.


Know the technical words:


For all those who want to become a professional cameramen should know the jargon associated with it. They should know about each and every part of their camera. There are various technical terms which all the aspiring cameramen should know. For instance, wide angle, foreground, close up etc. are some of the terms which you should be well known before starting the career.


Examine the work of professionals:

Watch as many videos of the professionals as you possibly can. Take a close look of the work done by them. Try and understand the work done by them. Various things like where the camera was placed, how the shot was taken etc. are some things that would help you to enhance your expertise.


Taking up a course:

It was a decade back that there were no curriculum for becoming a cameraman. But now, there are many courses meant for it. Mostly, there is a one year curriculum for the aspiring cameraman. Those who want to gain technical skills should go in for this course. There are many established cameramen who may not have taken the course. But, now as the competition is getter tougher, it is better to be equipped with a degree or diploma to endorse you.


Grab your forte and develop your expertise:


As a next step, pick up your forte and start shooting. For instance, cameramen shooting for wildlife will have totally different passions and expertise from those who shoot for other forte. There are different requirements for every niche and hence every niche needs different expertise level. So, it is significant to pick the area of your interest and to gain complete mastery over that area which would definitely yield excellent results



To become a cameraman you should be able to learn the theory of shooting but the real knowledge that one gain is on the field. There are many well known cameramen who have toiled hard to gain experience in the field to reach the heights where they are. Therefore, it is important to know the icons beforehand and to work them so that you can reap out the benefits of their experience. Apprenticeship indeed makes you confident to take up the job.


Making a resume: 

If you want to soar high in your career as a cameraman then make your resume in the beginning. Enlist all the degree or diploma courses that you have done. Maintain the records of prizes or certificates that you may have won. You can also take the help of internet to showcase your most popular work of art. Make a collection of your work that has won accolades. It is always to be kept in mind that in this profession, you deal with visuals and hence do not miss any opportunity to display your masterpieces. Advertise your work and get noticed.


This is the long and short of it. For becoming a cameraman one needs to have a passion for shooting and cameras. Professional qualifications help you to learn the technicalities involved. So in simple words, if you want to become a cameraman then start with learning the basics of this art and take admission in a good school which would give you an edge. A technical degree from any video graphics school would help a lot.


As a next step, keep on a look out for opportunities. You can choose to make video films for your family gatherings on some special occasions like birthdays, weddings and other ceremonies. This kind of experiments would help you to sharpen your skills. Proficiency of shooting in any kind of environment is must for those who want to become a cameraman. Make use of your natural instincts and grab the area of your interest so that you can gain expertise in that particular area. For instance, if you love taking still pictures try to get all the information, technical details; type of camera used etc. which would enhance your skills.

Maintain the proper record of your previous work and your experience. The more the prizes and certificates you have won the more it would be better. Include everything in your resume, all the part time work apprenticeship etc. Last but not the least, there are many avenues which open up when you are professionally qualified to take up this career. So, make your resume and apply for part time jobs in the beginning. If you want to do internship, then the best place to go in for that is to TV station situated in your locality. Get in contact with the people who can assist you and enhance your communication skills which would help you a lot in becoming a professional cameraman.

Author: Johan Bosman

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