Tips on Becoming a Babysitter

How to become a babysitter ?

If you love to be in the company of kids and enjoy the moments that you spend with them then the job of babysitting is meant for you. But, it is not an easy task indeed and needs a great deal of patience. You should be responsible for a complete look after of the children and hence the job entails loads of responsibilities. Here are some of the tips to become a good babysitter so that you can be in the company of kids and earn cool cash.

Build a Business Strategy: 

If you have made up your mind to embrace this profession then make a strategy first of all in order to get good clients. If you are a novice then start advertising with the people you know. They can be your family, friends and acquaintances. You can use the letters in print for advertising but the best way to publicize yourself is to go online so that you reach to a larger number of people. Once you have enough of publicity queries will start pouring in.

Check your Comfort level: 

As the job of babysitting requires loads of patience so only those who can exhibit infinite patience with kids should go in for the job of babysitting. So, when you plan to adopt this profession, check your comfort level with kids. Check out whether you can handle many kids of different ages simultaneously without blowing your top. If you are aggressive and give up easily then this job is not meant for you. Also, there are majority of clients who come up with their new born so also try to find out whether you can take the special care that a new born needs and can ensure their complete safety.

Keeping the children secure: 

As there are many who count on you for the complete safety and security of their children so you can be a good babysitter only when you can handle all the problems of children in the absence of their parents and guardians. There are times when some contingency arises like the child met with an accident or has asthma flare up. All these things should be taken care of. In case of emergency like situation, you should not develop cold feet and should be able to cope up with it effectively. Crawling babies are most vulnerable and need extra care.

Taking care of their basic needs:

 As a babysitter you perform the similar role as a mother and when you adopt the profession of a babysitter then you are not a mother of one or two babies but several babies together. You have to organize their day, take care of their meals, their sleeping schedule etc. There may be kids who have food allergies from certain type of food so you have to cook according to their needs. Apart from this, newborns need special care as they are totally dependent on you. So, you should know things like changing diapers, feeding them with milk bottles etc. Taking up a course in babysitting helps you a lot as you also get in touch with the professionals of this field.

Being an entertainer: 

If you are fun loving and can be an entertainer to the children, then you can be a good babysitter. Children just love to play and get entertained. If you can play games with them, can indulge them in creative and fun activities, can be a good storyteller etc then you can be a good babysitter. If you can be an entertainer and have fun with the kids of all ages then go in for this profession. Take the kids out and play hide and seek or other games with them. This will not only entertain them but also tire them and they will sleep well.

A Little Strictness to Maintain Discipline:

 Kids are by nature brats soon, so one should be strict to them at times. Do not listen to everything they say and maintain the list of do’s and don’ts to which every child should stick to otherwise you would land yourself in deep trouble when the kids keep on spoiling the possession or do something that really annoys you. You can curb this by maintaining discipline among the children you handle. Nagging kids can be a real challenge to handle and if you fail to maintain discipline then you cannot run this business.

Meet With Parents or Guardians Beforehand:

 While taking admissions of children it is important for you to meet their parents and talk about several things concerning the behavior pattern of their kids, if they have any disease which can cause emergency like situation, why the parents want to leave them to your custody etc. It is better to interview the parents and know about the family which would help you a lot in dealing with the kids.

Decide your pay:

Last but not the least, decide the pay that you take. You can do an online survey to know the prevalent rates or you can visit a day care school and know about their rates.

To cater to the needs of many children simultaneously is not an easy task indeed. If you have a great deal of patience, can rear them and can take care of their needs in the absence of their parents, then you can become a good babysitter. To be a good babysitter, you should be good natured, a good entertainer and above all a responsible person. There are many who leave their newborns in the day care schools so you should be able to take 24X7 special care of these kids like their mothers do. To become a good baby sitter you should have these attributes.


Author: Johan Bosman

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