How not to screw up the first date

Here are 7 Quick tips on how not to screw up the first date and to make her want you far beyond the first-date :

1.      Help her with her coat.  (c’mon be polite, and remember the chair)

2.      Turn off your mobile/cell phone/blackberry/pager etc.
What if you forget?  Turn the darn thing off  immediately without looking who’s calling, and apologize .

3.      Sit at a table that has YOU facing the wall.  This will keep you from eying other ladies while you tell her all about yourself.

4.      Don’t stare at her breasts!  Even if they are the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen and she’s flaunting her cleavage so much it hurts, she
WILL catch you when you steal a glance and respect you less for it.

How not to screw up the first date

Tips on not screwing up the first date

5.      Tell her what you are thinking about while looking at the menu before ordering food.  Maybe she wants a starter?  Oh and when ordering wine, always ask her opinion, but don’t try to be a
smarty pants and ask for a  specific year wine she likes (unless you’ve discussed this prior to date).


6.      Wait for the right moment while discussing the food and playfully offer her a taste of something you think she’d like on your plate.

7.      This might be the most important tip.

Paying for the meal.  Pay swiftly without consulting her, and NEVER ask her what she thinks you should leave as a tip for the waiter,
she might just think you’re trying to show her how much you had just spent on her.  My advice, politely excuse yourself from the table, and go settle the tab 😉

BONUS TIP : Be a man, take control when ever you can, woman love a man with confidence.

Now go out and enjoy it and be alert and remember how not to screw up the first date as it is the most important aspect of any new relationship.

Author: Johan Bosman

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