How to administer a great massage

How to administer a great massage

Back Massage

“Putting aside the oils, the pan pipes and the whispers of sweet nothings, a good massage comes down to touch.”, says Murray von Hirschberg, owner of enmasse, a unique massage concept based in Cape-Town South-Africa.  Short of embarking on a professional massage course, he recommends one golden rule to elevate your sense of touch: “treat a massage like a dance, with rhythm”.

For a sensual, spur-of-moment massage without oil (which is how a traditional Thai massage is administered, he suggests the following technique:

1.      Start at her shoulders, incorporating her neck, moving down her arms, and working down her body, finally returning to her neck and shoulders.

2.      Count in beats of five when applying pressure.

3.      Make gentle and light contact with your thumbs.  Increase the pressure evenly.

4.      When pressure is at its peak, hold for one beat and slowly release.

5.      Apply pressure every two centimeters in a logical sequence avoiding bones and joints (unless it’s specifically asked for, like having lower back pain etc.

Author: Johan Bosman

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