How to detoxify your liver

Your liver is a wonderful organ.  It helps combat infections, filters your blood and can even regenerate itself!  Talk about a super organ.  But how do you treat it?  Cleansing your liver and detoxing it by tweaking your diet will do wonders for your overall health.


  • Detox your liver with:  Milk thistle

The American Journal of Gastroenterology published research that shows the active compound in the milk thistle plant namely, silymarin, will lessen the damaging blow of excessive alcohol consumption.  This is the number one liver detox remedy available today.   It will also aid in liver regeneration and even make your hangover feel better.

How much? 12-15mg per day.

  • Detox your liver with:  Protein shake

Your liver’s speed of restoration can be quickened by abstaining from alcohol at least 3 days during the week, and then drinking a protein shake.  The reason for this is that protein shakes contain an amino acid called glutamine, which help to build new cells in your liver.

How much? A shake once a day.


How your liver detoxifies itself


  • Detox your liver with:  Oranges

They can do wonders; boost your immune system and eliminate the foul taste in your mouth from the night before drinking spree.  Oranges are rich in vitamin C and this will help prevent cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and fatty liver.

How much? An orange a day or 500mg.


  • DEtox your liver with:  Caffeine

You can reduce your risk of liver cancer by 43 percent by consuming two cups of regular coffee per day.  This study was done by Swedish scientists at the Karolinska Institute.  The reason is that caffeine is linked to a specific liver enzyme that regulates the damage to the organ.  Now you have a reason to go for a “coffee-break”, and if anyone asks?  You are on a liver detox diet.

How much? Two cups per day.


  • Detox your liver with:  Artichokes

More specifically, Artichoke-leaf extract.  This will act as a toilet bowl cleaner for your liver, without any harmful chemicals.  It will flush out dangerous toxins and waste products faster.

How much? An artichoke salad once a week.


Cirrhosis of the liver



Common Liver-related myths DEBUNKED!

Myth 1:  Your liver will tell you if something is wrong with it

False.  There are no nerve endings, so you won’t feel if there’s something wrong.  The moment you feel pain, might be too late.  Because this might be due to the EFFECTS of a liver tumor or sever inflammation.  Detoxing your liver frequently will pevent this.


Myth 2:  Eating well before your drinking session will lessen the damage

False.  This will only help you to stay sober for longer because it slows the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol.  The poor fella will still have to do the dirty work of metabolizing the alcohol.  This will do nothing for liver detox however.


Myth 3:  You don’t have to worry too much because it will regenerate itself

False.  Yes, your liver CAN regenerate.  But only so much.  Once scar tissue has formed (cirrhosis) that tissue will never return to functioning tissue again.  Don’t drink like a fish, except if you are The Terminator.


Myth 4:  You can look ill enough to know your liver is having problems

True.  Although you won’t normally feel pain, you can look “liverish”.  Warning signs are discoloration of the skin and eyes (yellow tint), very dark urine, bloody or tar like stools, chronic fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and prolonged itching of the skin.

Author: Shaun De Kock

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