How To Do The Splits

Doing a perfect split may be a Herculean task for many people. In fact many people shy away from even attempting it because of its apparent complexity. They just ooh and aah their time out by watching professional gymnasts, both male and female, literally splitting their way to gold, silver or bronze medals in various international sports events. However, doing a split is not rocket science, it is complex to say the least but definitely not overly difficult or worse, impossible. With a little bit of patience, people can perfect these splits in a matter of few days. Also, a person doesn’t necessarily be a dancer, athlete or a gymnast to get a split right, almost everyone can get a split right. To start with, people should stretch. Stretching forms an important part of almost any exercise regime, be it a workout session at gym or even a dance recital. This is mainly because stretching helps the muscle to loosen up and the body to warm up for an apparent strenuous activity. One of the few popular ways to stretch is to jump up and down slowly or do jumping jacks. People should start with just a few and then build up in the following days. However, they should stop in case they feel any pain or feel dizzy. Alternatively, people could also opt for a runner’s stretch, while others include side bends, squatting, knee bending, toe touching, reaching for the toes while a person sits and straddling with flexed out and pointed feet.


When they are done with stretching, people get into the right position that prepares them for the split, which would be putting any preferred leg out, such that the knee on the front end is straight while the other knee bent so that the shin on leg with the bent knee should rests on the floor. After people have stretched for a good five minutes they should then get into the straddle for split position. They should then go down as far as their body allows them to without causing too much strain to the body. They should then stay in this position for about half a minute. Next, they should get up and repeat the above steps. However, here also they should do so only as much as their bodies allow them to without straining it. After they finish, people should follow it up with another round of stretching exercises. This helps their body’s momentum to get back to normal after some strenuous exercise.


People should remember to do only as much as their capability is. Rather than doing too much at the same time, they should aim at building their capacity over a few days by moving from strength to strength. The next step in line is to over-split. For this, they should go into a split and put their front heel on a pillow and remain in this position as long as they can. Moreover, this last step should not be attempted unless people have mastered a split or at least pretty close to master one.

Author: Johan Bosman

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