How to escape A Rhino Attack

How 2 escape A Rhino Attack

Being in the Bush can be a very rewarding experience but is not all fun and games… When you are on foot you might encounter a Rhino that might attack you…

In this article you will find a few tips on how you can escape a Rhino attack. These steps are just guidelines and as the animals are wild and unpredictable anything can happen.

To know how to escape an attack from a specific animal it is good to know more about the animal. Rhino’s in general don’t have very good eye sight. Therefore they make use of their other senses like smelling and hearing.

Often Rhino’s will charge in a direction of unfamiliar sounds or smells to scare ”the strange thing” away and to let them know they are not welcome. Black Rhino’s is more agressive than White Rhino’s but there are more recorded attacks on humans from White Rhino. The reason for this is that there is a much bigger White Rhino population.

So when you are in the bush and you come across a Rhino first of all is try to stay calm and as silent as possible. When the Rhino catches your scent or sound it might charge in your direction, most often because it don’t know what you are.

What you can do is make strange noises like singing, shouting, clapping any unfamiliar noises might stop a charging rhino as it is not sure what is making these strange noises. Never come between a Rhino and it’s calf that is calling for your death.

Try and get into a tree or something high like a huge rock , or put a tree or something between you and the animal while you back off.

On final note when the Rhino still charges and there is no change of getting out of the way the last resort will be to watch. When a Rhino charge on the final seconds before impact the Rhino will drop it’s head. Throw a bag or something directly at the charging Rhino and dive out of the wa

How to escape A Rhino Attack

Rhino Attack

y. His attention will go at the bag or thing thrown at him and will give you a change to escape.

Author: Johan Bosman

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  1. Hands down, the best site that I have ever found in years. thank you guys for all the info and hard work.

  2. I’ll gear this article to 2 types of people: The person who knows what he want to do, and the person who just want to make sure he is ready for what ever he might need to do. Thanks for the informative read.

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